The NBA is Looking to Change the Draft Lottery into a Tournament System

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NBA teams may face a different way of capturing draft players, as the idea surfaces to replace the draft with a tournament instead.

According to gambling news, it is certain that changes are set to be announced regarding some NBA rules and regulations. It has long been speculated what exactly will be changed, however close reports to the Association indicate that the NBA will now seek to reform the way the lottery is conducted.

It is commonly known that teams sometimes like to intentionally flop at some game, so that they would be granted better coefficients for the lottery draft. In order to prevent or limit such actions in the future, NBA officials want to implement a tournament which will see teams given better odds if they win.

Commissioner Silver supports the idea

• Commissioner Adam Silver believes in the proposed tournament

• Tournaments might replace lottery draft in NBA

• The tournament idea still needs to be worked out more to work better

Commissioner Adam Silver has shown strong support for the idea of altering some of the regulations, as he believes those changes are positive and would benefit the NBA overall. He was the one in fact that came up with the idea of a mid-season tournament, while highlighting that that advertising on game uniforms is almost “inevitable.”

The Association also wants to alter the odds for winnings lottery selections, while increasing the number of selections from the top three and expanding it to the top six. Undoubtedly, all of these aspects are worthy for the world’s best basketball league, however sceptics believe that these are rather small changes that wouldn’t really create a significant difference.

Supporters for more change in the NBA would like to see the Silver’s mid-season tournament idea transferred to the lottery system. By installing a tournament for the lottery draft teams would be forced to battle each other for the top positions of the lottery, whereas now some are known to put on lackluster performances on occasion to receive better odds.

The plan of the tournament

There a total of 14 teams that have been eliminated from the playoffs, a tournament with double-elimination would see the non-playoff teams included. Considering that two teams have byes, the proposed system looks to be have a more promising and preferred option over where only the best teams of the series have excelling chances.

Additionally, online gambling sites in the US believe that the double-elimination would help create a more diverse portfolio of teams in the competition. It would promote variety, while the teams that have had less success would be granted a second chance to progress to the next stages.

The two teams with the worst results would be given first-round byes, which would essentially make it the only manner where their top pick odds would be improved. With careful consideration towards the season’s calendar, the tournament would be carried out for a minimum of 14 days and if necessary stretched out up to 21 days.

If by chance the special tournament would overlap with the NBA playoffs, then in the worst case scenario the proposed games could be played with the first round and some of the second round games.

The tournament idea still needs some revision

The heads of the NBA would most likely not approve of the special games, as that would mean that teams would have to play extra games in the season. The winner of the tournament could play up to a total of nine games to clinch either the first or second overall pick.

Should Silver and the NBA chiefs decide to decrease the number of matches played during the season to create space for the mid-season tournament, then the games saved give way to the draft tournament. No tournament stands a realistic chance of being introduced if the overall number of games of the season are not reduced.

Although the potential tournament appears to have great aspects to improve the overall standard of the NBA, mobile betting firms predict it wouldn’t actually prevent tanking. Teams would still be able to order their key players to sit out certain matches to have them ready for the draft tournament.

Also, the more pressing concern is the fact some border-line playoff teams might want to intentionally miss the playoffs to participate in the draft tournament. Despite the tournament idea lacking in some effectiveness, it is nevertheless a solid idea to consider for the future of the most prestigious basketball competition on the globe.

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