The Not-So-Small World of Dog Fighting

Dog fighting worldwide

Dog Fighting may be a subculture, but it’s one that has exposure over most of the known World and doesn’t seem to show any signs of disappearing.

Today dog fighting is illegal in all 50 states in the U.S. It is also illegal in all the EU member states. Despite this, dog fights not only are organized in the U.S and the EU, but throughout many places in the World as well. Popular breeds include Pit Bulls or Staffordshire Terriers, Rottweilers, Dogo Argentinos, Japanese Tosas, Fila Brasieirs and various mixes.

• Dog fighting exists everywhere
• Some countries allow dog fighting

• Over 140,000 people involved in U.S
• Dog fighting is associated with other crime.

People tend to generally refer to football or soccer as the world sport because so many nations play it and its easy availability to people among all class level of society. Well unfortunately the same claim can be make of dog fighting. In the U.S, dog fighting is illegal on all levels to its very core. To avoid exposure, dogs are never insured or receive veterinary care. Often professionals have their own private vets who apply whatever means necessary to sustain a fighting dog’s ability.

In fact, not only are the dogs who fight victimized, but the higher plethora of dogs that are used as training dummies and practice for promising fighting dogs. Dogs that no longer are able to fight are so badly disabled they have to be killed. Often through horrific means such as drowning and electrocution. Its notoriety, which permeates the levels of everyday society, can be seen through the popularity of breeds such as Pitbulls and Rottweilers. These dogs are commonly seen as symbols of masculinity.

Dog Fighting Around the World

In Afghanistan, dog fighting was banned by the Taliban. It has resurfaced throughout the country as a winter weekend pastime. In Kabul, organized dog fights are public exhibitions that are not to the death. The value of a top dog can equal that of an automobile. In India, dog fighting is less common but exists in rural areas. It is not only illegal to dog fight, but illegal to possess dog fighting material or attend an event.

Dog fighting

Australia has laws against dog fighting and the possession of any paraphernalia used for dog fighting. Like everywhere else that illegal, many dog fighting rings inhabit the land down under. Known to Australian gambling laws, certain breeds of dog such as the Dogo Argentino, Pit Bull Terrier and the Perro de Presa are prohibited from being imported into the country. Ownership of the last two breeds are highly regulated.

China’s tradition of dog fighting is long. Mostly practiced by the Uyghur and Hui ethnic groups, dog fighting isn’t currently illegal in China. Officials work hard to end dog fighting because illegal gambling is a larger violation. In Japan dog fighting was once so popular that samurai where allowed to pay taxes with dogs. Fully legal except in 6 prefectures including Tokyo, dog fighting is organized and has a set of rules in which owners can forfeit matches and fights.

Pakistan fully allows dog fighting and it’s highly popular in rural areas where 70% of the population lives. Millions in Rupees are made for bout so breeds are carefully bred for winning. Russia prohibits dog fighting in certain areas and in others it’s legally held. In most of South America dog fighting is illegal, but the Pit Bull leads as the most common breed for the fights that do occur.

Dog fighting in the U.S

Animal Cruelty laws came into effect in 1867. Canada outlawed dog fighting in 1892, but police are required to apprehend individual only if caught in the act. Once highly promoted, the practice is looked down upon by most Americans. According to US gambling laws, it’s a felony to practice dog fighting in the U.S. It’s also illegal to attend a dog fighter whether your directly involved or not. According to CNN, over 140,000 individuals are involved in dog fighting in the U.S either professionally or as a hobby.

Dog fighting

Also, there is growing concern among law enforcement that dog fight is more often associated with other crime such as racketeering, drug distribution and weapon sales. Gun violence is highly common over gamblers who haggle over unpaid debts. There’s also a concern of exposing dog fighting to children and carrying on the acceptance of brutality towards animals.

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