The Odds for Real Madrid to Win Copa del Rey Are Getting Worse…

Real Madrid Copa del Rey Failure

After running a series of 40 unbeaten match, Real Madrid just started another series. Can they still win trophies?

If Real Madrid are about to reach their worst form in the season, now is the best time to do so. They are 2 points ahead of Barca in the league and they still have one more match to be played, so they can’t get too much of a disadvantage if their January turns out really badly. However, their poor form still might cost them a lot – for example, a few trophies. Can it?

One thing is for sure: Real Madrid have lost more matches in the past 4 days than in 322 days before that. That tells a lot about their form. They are still among the favourites for all trophies at online sportsbooks in Spain, however, their chancer are getting worse and worse as they are in a series of losing 2 games in a row. Real Madrid will need to get back on track if they don’t want to get another season without a single trophy.

Bet on Real to qualify against Celta Vigo!

We are half way through with the 2016/17 season and Real Madrid only lost 2 games. That should mean there is no reason to worry at all. Other teams lost more and they still have pretty good chances for everything. What worries Real Madrid fans is the fact that the team lost 2 consecutive games and that might be an expensive cost to realize that they will need to keep up the good work to be able to lift a trophy at the end of the season.

Real Madrid were clear favourites in the Copa del Rey game against Celta Vigo yet they lost 1-2 at home. Now the odds for Real Madrid to win Copa del Rey, or even to qualify for the next round are far worse. Maybe this is the time to bet against Real Madrid at online sportsbooks, or is it time to bet on them because their poor form is going to end as soon as it started? Only time will tell!

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