Casino Du Liban Brings Online Gambling Back To Lebanon

Casino du Liban location

The haunt of Elizabeth Taylor and David Niven, star of Where The Spies Are, back in its 1960s heyday the Casino Du Liban has rocked and rolled with the fortunes of Lebanon ever since and now has decided to give the population denied access to sites like Bet365 its very own digital online service.

Beirut has a rather unfortunate reputation that mostly stems from its fifteen year sectarian civil war which created some of the iconic footage of Middle Eastern conflict from the 1970s and 80s, however for a good while after World War II Lebanon was not a warzone but a exotic playground full of millionaires and spies, businessmen and playboys. Center of it all was the Casino Du Liban, as well known in gambling circles as Monte Carlo or Las Vegas, and still as vibrant and opulent today.

Casino Du Liban

• Opened 1959
• Famous guests
• Closed during hostilities
• Coming soon online

Having seen some changes over the years since the days when Hollywood stars stalked the gaming floors, and the enforced closure during the worst of the hostilities, the Casino Du Liban has been the subject of terrorist plots (fortunately foiled a few years ago by the local security services) and the backdrop to a myriad of cold war dramas, and now as the digital revolution marches on they’re taking advantage of Lebanese gambling laws to open up an online presence bringing it bang up to date.

Will An Online Casino Du Liban Rival Bet365?

Obviously the Casino Du Liban does have its competitors, although none without the pedigree, and so it does need to lean hard into the market, and what better way in this day and age than diversifying into the online market which has been stilted in the country since the government cut off IP access to the world’s eminent gambling sites like Bet365 . The government, of course, is no fan of overseas gambling concerns because they have a stake in the Casino Du Liban and who needs such effective competition?

The tender issued for a platform should produce some interesting results and provide the Lebanese a legal solution to their online gambling needs, adding to rather than detracting from the profits of the Casino Du Liban, although the more cynical have already raised a few eyebrows at the investment, and given the past history of somewhat dodgy corruption associated with the most famous nightspot in the country that’s unsurprising, however this digital move has made Lebanese gambling news headlines.

Only Big Players Need Apply

The Lebanese are awfully fond of gambling but the Casino Du Liban is not taking any chances and insists that all applicants are in the $650 million revenue region already, which cuts the competition down to size, and is sliced thinner by needing to have made 75% of that from gambling and gaming, so when the winner is announced later this month it’s likely to be a familiar name, akin to those behind Bet365  and its ilk so the eventual system will be top of the line and a sturdy player in the region.

inside casino du liban

Great gambling destination (Photo: Macropolis)

With the tender winner putting in $15 million and the government willing to back it to the hilt there’s a good chance this will usher in a brand new era of online gambling in the region, and whilst Lebanon might still have some way to go to shrug off the reputation of the past, those that wish to do more than merely bet on sports in Lebanon will soon have an easy and accessible way to do so that has the added bonus of expanding the national coffers as the government takes its cut from this public/private enterprise.

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