Novelty Bets Don’t Always Have To Be Funny, Do They?

Betting on James Bond

A regular issue with novelty bets is that one can often be attracted by the concept but not the odds they’re garnering, and if you would gleefully wager on Trump’s downfall were the odds not so short you can still wager on the suffering of the deserving by placing a bet on the next Bond at Bet365.

It was Sci-Fi legend Douglas Adams who, in The Hitch Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, made it perfectly clear that “Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job” and, indeed, Fantasy genius Terry Pratchett in The Last Continent who created an entire nation where we’re told “We put all our politicians in prison as soon as they’re elected” because “It saves time”. Sentiments anyone who likes to place novelty bets could agree with these days.

Next Bond Trap Victim

• Fassbender – 25/1
• Hiddleston – 8/1
• Elba – 8/1
• Huston – 7/2
• Hardy – 7/4
• Turner – 11/4
• Norton – 2/1

If you’re apt to place wagers on the sort of thing that doesn’t involve sweaty men and a ball or an enslaved quadruped with a midget on its back Bet365 always has the latest novelty bets listed for you to peruse and there’s nothing more novel than taking advantage of UK gambling laws to stake a little on the next President of the United States (It’ll be Donald Trump in case you missed all that) being impeached or having to resign, shame the odds, now at evens, are, like the man himself, unattractive.

Novelty Bets Need Not Be Silly Wagers

It is often argued that political wagers are not novelty bets, given they are unable to carry with them the disposable frivolity that a bet on which self-obsessed idiot will win Big Brother can, and that the negative effects of poor political leadership often have knock-on effects that regrettably and negatively out-weight the winnings one might accrue. It should also be noted when the bookies like Bet365 etc start getting effusive about their opinions in politics one should begin to be awfully suspicious.

They got Brexit massively and wholly wrong (1/9 against my arse), didn’t really predict the rise of Trump nor even the fall of Hillary Clinton, so anyone in the UK gambling news headlines of his likely impeachment going at just evens means he’s really likely to be thrown from the White House should probably think again. Betting against Trump might be good for the soul, but will probably not be as healthy for your bank roll, however, if you wish to bet on the misery of others, there’s always Bond.

Find All Political Betting Odds At Bet365

Placing novelty bets on which poor actor finds himself unable to resist the massive money that comes with playing James Bond is just like betting on Trump being impeached. You’re wagering your money on their misfortune. Bond used to be a cartoon character you could have fun with, just ask Sean Connery and Roger Moore, but now written as a gritty morally dubious broken figure any wooden top could play him, and whomever ends up doing it has to admit that they’re the best wooden top around.
James Bond actor in 2017

Have you got your money on the right one? (Photo: motto-party)

Bet365 has all the odds, the shorter they are the better looking the chap concerned, the longer the more likely it is the chap can actually act worth a damn, so lets take a look at the poor victims this time round. Michael Fassbender has some skill and is thus 25/1, Tom Hiddleston and Idris Elba are both at 8/1, Jack Huston gets 7/2, Tom Hardy 7/4 leaving Aiden Turner on 11/4 and James Norton as most likely to be the next wooden top to play Bond at 2/1 and if you don’t like to bet on sports in the UK that could be the wager for you. It’ll certainly be less emotionally fraught than betting on US politics.

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