The Real Deal with W.H.SMITH and UKASH

WHSmith and UKASH

A renovative market strategy is in the making as Ukash reaches agreement with W.H. Smth to sell its internet online vouchers.

Stationary retailer, W.H. Smith will soon be selling internet payment vouchers all across the world. The retail sale of the vouchers in W.H. SMITH stores came about as Ukash partnered up with the UK brand leader, which is a renowned name in households and businesses worldwide.

Ukash will have its vouchers sold in 470 of W.H. Smith’s stores. It is taking advantage of this new deal to be able to make its product known on a global scale. Secondly, Ukash is selling the vouchers in the hope that this will enable the easier transaction of online purchases for its customers.

Ukash’s commercial officer, James Allum, says the agreement allows Ukash to associate with the W.H. Smith brand name, a name that people trust and find reliable. It means that people won’t hesitate to buy the Internet payment vouchers available in the retailers’ stores and use them for a variety of exchanges.

Ukash vouchers in exchange for goods and services

When the consumer wants to indulge in online shopping or even betting, as permitted under EU gambling laws, they can easily pay for services and goods in a safe and convenient manner. They will obtain the vouchers form the stores in exchange for notes and coins.

Ukash, the pre-paid cash voucher provider, will have its vouchers used for a wide range of purposes including mobile casino gambling or can be exchanged for prepaid cards, to purchase gift cards and even to obtain Skype credits to keep in touch with loved ones or for business purposes.

Ukash is soon to be bought by Skrill, the online payment processorl. This should even enhance the progressing pre-payment market growth. And as the W.H. Smith venture is in full swing, this will enable Skrill to continue to serve and extend its combined market of millions of customers around the globe.

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