The UK Records the Most Lottery Millionaires of 2016

lottery millionaires in the UK

The number of lottery millionaires in the UK this year was higher than any other country. Will that be you next year?

Everybody dreams of winning millions in the lottery. For 341 people in the UK, that dream came true this year. The UK officially recorded the highest number of lottery millionaires of any country in 2016, according to data from the lottery operator Camelot. Not even the amount of lotto winners in South Korea, which has a massive lottery industry, came close.

That means that one person every single day of the year became a millionaire from the lottery in the UK. More than £862 million was paid to lottery gamblers this year. The UK gambling news about this influx in lotto winners comes amid recent changes to the lottery here which saw the number of balls raising from 49 to 59.

‘Senior Winner’ advisor Andry Carter commented on this news by stating, “It has been a record-breaking 12 months with more millionaires celebrating with a giant checks than ever before. The National Lottery changes lives, not just of the winners but also for the projects that receive support.” He continued, “Thank you to everybody who bought a ticket or scratchcard in 2016 as they have helped to win Olympic medals and support local communities.”

What online lottery sites in the UK are available?

As of now, it is unclear how many of these lottery millionaires were made from online lottery sites in the UK. Camelot has reported that EuroMillions also received some major changes this year, raising their baseline price to £2.50. Many of the internet lotto sites in the UK offer MegaMillions, including Lotto Palace.

Another great online lotto site in the UK is ScratchMania, which, as the name would suggest, offers a wide range of great internet lottery scratch cards, as well as numerous slot games.

What do you think of the increase in lottery millionaires in the UK? Will this trend continue in 2017? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below, and make sure to check out Lotto Palace and ScratchMania to find some of the best online lottery games!

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