Microsoft Edge Proxy Extensions for Online Gambling

Microsoft Edge proxy extensions for online gambling

Can you use Microsoft Edge for online gambling? Let’s take a look at the technology giant’s flagship browser and its App Store on our quest for Microsoft Edge proxy extensions!

The release of Windows 10 marked the end of an era: Internet Explorer was replaced by Microsoft Edge in the most popular operating system. Throughout its final years, the iconic browser was a laughing stock for being buggy, slow, and unsafe. Microsoft attempted to repair the browser’s image, but at that point its legacy was pretty much tarnished. While Internet Explorer was still supported by Microsoft, the company’s focus shifted on its replacement.

Even the new browser’s name, Microsoft Edge, was based on what users favor. According to tech sources, the company’s choice of name for the browser was a tactical decision, as users are more likely to trusts those products stamped by Microsoft. Now, almost 3 years after Microsoft Edge’s release, it’s the 5th most used browser, while Internet Explorer is the third, behind Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Microsoft Edge’s reputation as a general browser

Microsoft Edge was praised by numerous critics for its speed and capability. Another feature was also highlighted; Microsoft Edge is really good for your computer’s battery life, a claim backed by tests, including Microsoft’s own. Overall, reviews have shown that Edge is almost on par with Google Chrome, the most popular browser around. Except one really important thing, especially if you’re looking for Microsoft Edge proxy extensions for online gambling. Compared to other browsers, Microsoft Edge is weak in the extensions’ department.

Microsoft Edge proxy extensions for online gambling

Microsoft Edge supports extensions, but the selection is extremely limited at this point. Actually, there are only a few, basic ones in the Store, such as AdBlocker. If you’re looking for Microsoft Edge proxy extensions specifically to access blocked online gambling sites, you’re out of luck. Your only option is to access a proxy-site from the browser and type in the blocked internet casino you want to access to visit it. However, this not recommended at all for security reasons. Also, you have to make sure that your actions don’t interfere with the relevant gambling laws of your country.

In the Windows App Store, you’ll find a few VPN and Proxy apps, some of which are well-known providers such as Hotspot Shield and TouchVPN. Unfortunately, these Windows 10 proxy apps are very likely to stop working each time Windows receives a system update. Make sure to read user reviews in the Store before downloading one of the apps. Sometimes the Proxy has a high star rating, but in the comments’ section users complain that they’re not working anymore due to updates.

Microsoft Edge for online gambling

Does this mean that you shouldn’t even consider using Microsoft Edge for online gambling? It depends on your requirements. If you want a fast, built-in browser that won’t drain your computers battery while visiting non-blocked online gambling sites, Microsoft Edge comes really handy. Since most online casino games are flash or HTML5 based, the speed and capability of Edge to save power can be really useful. Once you’d wish to visit geo-blocked sites, Microsoft Edge will disappoint you.

Which browser is the best for online gambling?

As users, we’re really different in our browsing habits. If you’re looking for browser solely for online gambling, Opera will be your ideal browser. Opera’s built in VPN, ad-blocker, and battery saver mode is an unbeatable combination of features. As a committed Chrome user, your best option is to download a VPN or Proxy extension that will allow you to visit geo-blocked content. Overall, Microsoft Edge proxy extensions are not available yet, but since the company is constantly updating its new default browser, you might soon be able to use Microsoft Edge for online gambling.

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