The Wealthiest Snooker Players In The World


Posted: November 11, 2023

Updated: November 11, 2023

Traditionally, snooker was a "sport" only found in pool halls and gentlemen's clubs. However, during the 1970s, the BBC started broadcasting games with it's Pot Black TV program, and the British public started taking an interest. In many ways, it's thanks to this introduction, that some players were able to make serious sums of cash from both sponsorship and TV fees.

Throughout its history, snooker has remained a beloved sport in the UK and, in recent years, it has gained global popularity. Just like popular online casino games, snooker combines skill and strategy, enabling some of the finest players to amass substantial fortunes. As a spectator, you can make some winnings by understanding the players and placing bets.

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The History Of Snooker

Snooker has its roots in England, as it was invented in 1875 by Lieutenant Neville Francis Fitzgerald Chamberlain, a British Army officer stationed in Jubbulpore, India. Chamberlain devised snooker while experimenting with a variant of billiards called black pool. The term “snookers” referred to rookie cadets at the Royal Military Academy in Woolwich. In 1916, the inaugural official snooker competition, the English Amateur Championship, took place. Joe Davis, a snooker legend, clinched the first professional event in 1927, becoming the sport’s first superstar. He went on to secure the Professional Snooker Championship (now known as the World Snooker Championship) for a remarkable 15 consecutive years, making him a global snooker icon.

According to online sportsbook news, during the 1950s, snooker experienced a temporary decline in popularity. However, in 1969, the BBC introduced the annual Pot Black snooker tournaments, which revitalised the game and introduced renowned players like Ray Reardon, Steve Davis, Dennis Taylor, and Alex “Hurricane” Higgins to a broader audience. Snooker, much like online poker and other skill-based games, has created some of the wealthiest players in the world. Now, let’s explore the financial success of some of the wealthiest snooker players.

Steve Davis – England

Estimated Net Worth: $33.7 Million

Steve Davis held the prestigious title of the world’s number-one snooker player for seven consecutive years during the 1980s.


He was a dominant force in snooker, boasting an impressive record of 28 ranking titles, including six World Championships and six UK Championships. According to online sportsbook news in the US, in addition to his competitive earnings, Davis also contributed to his wealth through commentary, endorsements, and various ventures. As one of the foremost snooker players globally, Davis unquestionably earns a place on our list.

Wealthiest Snooker Players – Stephen Hendry – Scotland

Estimated Net Worth: $32.4 Million

Stephen Hendry embarked on his professional snooker career at the tender age of 16, and he achieved an unparalleled level of success throughout the 1990s. He secured six Masters titles, including five consecutive victories, in addition to seven World Championships and five UK Championships. Hendry maintained the world number-one ranking for over eight years, earning him the nickname “The Golden Boy.” His net worth, estimated at $32.4 million, encompasses his career earnings, property investments, contracts, and business ventures. Today, Hendry serves as a commentator for BBC and ITV.

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Dennis Taylor – Ireland

Estimated Net Worth: $23.3 Million

When it comes to being one of the wealthiest snooker players, Dennis Taylor holds a special place as one of the most renowned snooker players globally. He notably triumphed at the 1985 World Championship, staging a remarkable comeback from an 0-8 deficit against Steve Davis to win with an 18-17 scoreline. Following his retirement, Taylor continued to generate income through commentary and appearances on shows such as “Strictly Come Dancing.”

Wealthiest Snooker Players – Jimmy White – England

Estimated Net Worth: $19.4 Million

Jimmy White, known for his distinctive left-handed playing style, is celebrated as “The People’s Champion.” In his early years, White would skip school to play snooker at a local hall.

He is a two-time winner of the British Open and the World Cup, becoming the first-ever left-handed snooker player to set a record at the International Championship. Much of White’s wealth has stemmed from television appearances and sponsorship deals.

Cliff Thorburn – Canada

Estimated Net Worth: $15.5 Million

Cliff Thorburn, affectionately known as the “Grinder,” is a Canadian professional snooker player. He is remembered for capturing the World Championship title in 1980, making him the first non-British player to achieve this feat. Thorburn earned his nickname “Grinder” due to his unwavering dedication and patience in the game. He clinched the Masters title thrice and was inducted into the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame in 2001.

Getting Started

To embark on your journey in the world of snooker, start by immersing yourself in the World Championship and other tournaments while acquainting yourself with the game’s rules. Taking your initial steps in snooker, joining a local snooker club offers a fantastic introduction. Seasoned players there will impart valuable insights regarding game strategy, trade secrets, and proper training techniques.

As you progress in your skills, consider participation in tournaments. While the road may be gradual, aim to excel at the amateur level and consistently refine your abilities before contemplating entry into ranking tournaments for the wealthiest snooker players.

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Considerations Before Going Pro

Even if you exhibit exceptional recreational billiards or snooker skills, several factors should be weighed before pursuing a professional career. Firstly, as with any sport, possessing innate talent is a must. Given the highly competitive nature of the professional level, where skill differentials are narrow and most players are capable of winning on any given day, achieving a high level of proficiency is challenging.

Secondly, to attain the level of skill exhibited by the top 10 or even the top 100 wealthiest snooker players, you should begin playing on full-size tables from an early age. Recognizing your talent early and transitioning to full-size tables at the appropriate time is essential, as a late switch from smaller tables may leave you inadequately prepared to compete at the professional level.

Becoming One Of The Wealthiest Snooker Players Requires Dedication

Taking snooker seriously demands an exceptional degree of self-discipline. It necessitates unwavering determination, a competitive spirit, and a reservoir of talent. The wealthiest snooker players possess superb hand-eye coordination, unwavering focus, and impeccable technique. Moreover, mastering the art of performing under pressure and cultivating self-confidence is essential. In snooker, the most formidable adversary often resides within your own psyche, surpassing the challenge posed by your opponent at the table.

While talent and inherent ability are invaluable, transitioning to a professional snooker player requires the implementation of a rigorous training regimen. Consider the prospect of enlisting a coach, as their guidance can elevate your game to new heights. Ideally, you should seek out a reputable snooker club where you can refine your skills and enhance your consistency.

Despite snooker’s outward appearance as a non-physically demanding sport, it exerts its toll on the body. Without the incorporation of gym training, you may be susceptible to injuries affecting your back, shoulders, and neck.

It’s a Long Hard Road To Become One Of The Wealthiest Snooker Players

Embarking on the path of snooker training and ascending through the ranks to achieve professional status is a journey that demands time and unwavering dedication. You may find yourself juggling a regular job while simultaneously training for an extended period, awaiting that breakthrough moment and the prospect of securing a corporate sponsor. While the pursuit of professional snooker is a challenging one, those possessing talent and indomitable perseverance hold the potential to realise their dream. However, attaining that elite level of play remains a rare accomplishment, but rest assured that you can continue to derive immense enjoyment from the game as an enthusiastic amateur.

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