The Youngest WSOP Champions: Who Are They?

  • The WSOP Champions title is one of the most prestigious for professional poker players.
  • Nowadays, more and more new young players get to the final WSOP table.
  • Who are the youngest WSOP champions?
Youngest WSOP Champions

In the last century, the title of World Series of Poker Champion, first of all, was profitable. For a relatively short period, this title has become prestigious. All players, arriving every year in Las Vegas, set themselves completely different goals: whether it is a craving for money, a desire to receive worldwide fame, or, what has become popular these days – get a profitable sponsorship or advertising contract. However, not only this has changed. In our article, you will find that the age of the gamblers is decreasing. So who are they – the youngest WSOP champions?

The youngest WSOP champions of the last century

The first breakthrough was made by Stu Unger in 1980. Thus, he became the youngest holder of the main WSOP bracelet at 26. Later Anger surprised the publicity more than once with his game and records. However, so far we are only interested in his age at the time of the first victory. In the role of the youngest WSOP champion, he was out until 1989. Then, the star of American talent Phil Hellmuth lit up in the sky. He was participating in the main professional poker event when he turned 24.

This record from the UltimateBet Poker team held for an incredibly long time. We don’t know what it was connected with, either with the lack of geniuses in card games among young people or with the incredible skills of old-timers. Later, the Danish Peter Eastgate took over the title “Youngest Winner of the Main Event of the WSOP”. At the time of registration in the tournament, he was only 22 years old. But did the Scandinavian know that soon he would be thrown from the throne?

Youngest WSOP Champions
Youngsters can shine too

Joseph Cada – the Youngest WSOP Winner

Joseph Cada is the youngest WSOP main event champion in the history of its existence. At the age of 21, Joe became the youngest world champion in poker, and after this momentous event, his career rapidly went up. Today, the champion is a member of Team Pokerstars Pro, playing under the nickname jcada99. He lives in Chesterfield, Michigan, USA.

Cada was born in 1987 in the family of a former automotive worker and professional dealer in a casino. Probably, it was the mother’s professional activity that left its mark, and Joseph became interested in poker from an early age. He took his first serious steps gambling in one of the online poker sites in the USA. As you know, it is impossible to officially play casinos under the age of 21 in the United States. Thus, Joseph, to gain experience in offline play, had to go to a casino in Canada. There the age limit is not so high and he was allowed to go to gambling establishments.

Playing in small tournaments, Cada was able to collect a small bankroll, which allowed him to take part in tournaments in the Bahamas and Costa Rica. At the 2009 WSOP final table, no one paid attention to Cada. The celebrities such as Darwin Moon and Phil Ivey gathered there. However, by the time of the heads-up game against Darwin Moon, Cada became a star and a favorite of the table. He successfully combined professional skills, luck, and an aggressive game. Do you want to know more about it? Read our article about the Most Iconic Moments in WSOP History!

Youngest WSOP Champions
Poker chips – Image via Pixabay

New poker champions are stepping on the toes

Norwegian poker fans have been waiting for a long time for the growth of the main hope of the nation in poker art. We are talking about the holder of the World Series of Poker Europe bracelet – Annette Obrestad. From the age of 15 to the age of 20 the Norwegian shredded online rooms one by one, and already changed one professional poker team to another. Today Annette represents the Full Tilt Poker colors.

She has won major championships of the rooms of PokerStars, UltimateBet, Betfair, and Full Tilt Poker. Legends are already circulating about her visits to offline events. Although, Obrestad is already one of the youngest WSOP champions. Thus, she has a unique opportunity to break several records at the tournament. But so do you! Just a little bit more practice in the Intertops poker and you can try to get to the main poker tournaments. The practice is the most important component of every victory.

You can discover more about Intertops Poker here.

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