This is How to Increase Your Bingo Winning Odds


Posted: July 9, 2022

Updated: July 9, 2022

  • Bingo is one of the most popular forms of gambling.
  • Even though it's easy to play there are certain ways to increase your winning odds.
  • In this article, we'll tell you how to increase your bingo winning odds.

Even if you are a master of playing bingo our article on how to increase your bingo winning odds might help you. Bingo is a game that is played by millions and millions of people. It’s simple, easy to understand, and also fun to play. Youngsters and elderly people tend to love playing it too. With that, most people have tried it at least once in their lifetime. In gambling, there are games that you need solely luck to win, and bingo is one of those. Although there are certain ways to improve your game. 

We have collected a few ways how to increase your bingo winning odds. So next you play at any online bingo site in the US or in-person hopefully these tips will help you. Also, before starting our list, we recommend you read our guide to bingo if you are new to bingo. We have collected all the best tips for beginner bingo players that could help you with your first games. 

How to Increase Your Bingo Winning Odds: Choose the Right Game

There is one essential tip that can be a total game-changer. Even before starting your game, you should do this: check out the website you are playing at. That doesn’t only mean to see if the site is safe or not, but also to check if the site is right for you. What does that mean? Well right now if you search for an online bingo site in the US, you can find hundreds of those if not thousands. With that, it might be hard to choose the right, but even if it takes time, it is worth it, believe us. 

how to increase your bingo winning odds
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Choosing the right site to play at can be a total lifesaver. You need to check out if the site you are looking at has for example multiple bingo games. Or if it has different types of bingo, more rooms to play in, etc. So never miss this step when you are about to play.

What’s more certain sites have amazing bingo promotions which can be a big extra? So also, don’t forget to check out a site’s promotion when choosing one. One of the safest sites is CyberBingo. They have a huge variety of games and promotions, so don’t forget to check out their site too!

Buy More Cards to Increase Your Odds!

For our next tip on how to increase your bingo winning odds we have a very simple one: buy more cards. This is simple logic, if you have only one card you have just as much possibility to win as anyone else. On the other hand, if you buy more cards, you have more odds to win. For example, if you play with five cards you increase your winnings 5 times. So, to follow that you should buy multiple cards for a game. Although you should never spend all your money on bingo cards and draw a line.

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What more we have another good tip connecting to the number of cards. Instead of playing multiple games with just one card use that money for buying more cards at one game. So, play smart and increase your winnings at one exact game. Next time you play bingo try this method and see the results!

Follow Granville’s Strategy to Win

Moving on there is an extra tip on how to increase your bingo winning odds. This is called Granville’s Strategy and it’s really a game-changer. There are many strategies in bingo that you can follow but for sure one of the best ones is Granville’s strategy. Joseph E. Granville was a stock market investor who later turned to bingo. He invented a strategy that can make a huge difference in your game and will increase your odds instantly. 

how to increase your bingo winning odds
Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons

Granville believes that bingo is more than just a game of random numbers. Whereas most people say you only need the luck to win he says there are certain patterns. If you read them correctly you can somehow predict the outcome. For example, if you play ball bingo with 75 numbers in the first drawn any number has 75/1 chance to be drawn.

And after the first round, the odds increase. With all of that information, Granville believes there is a certain pattern in the drawn numbers. For example, he believes there is a balance between the even and odd numbers that are picked. Also, there will be a balance between the low and high numbers.

With all that said what Granville suggest is to select the cards, you buy with high attention. Choose cards with a wider selection of numbers. Try to choose cards with very different numbers and pay attention to their endings too. For instance, if a card has 71, 51, and 21 that is not a card you want to play.

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All in all, when it comes to bingo you need to realize that it’s not just a game of chances. Even though luck certainly plays a big part in the game there are certain ways to increase your odds. Most of these tips have to do something with choosing the right cards. So next time you play bingo don’t forget to pay special attention to choosing your cards. Keep in mind Granville’s strategy. Also, don’t forget to buy more cards in a game to increase your odds. We hope our guide on how to increase your bingo winning odds was helpful and don’t forget to visit CyberBingo for your next game!

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