Three Favorites for the Best Film at Bodil Awards 2020 Odds

  • ‘Cutterhead’ is a psychological drama about Metro construction accident
  • ‘Uncle’ is Petersen’s second feature
  • ‘Queen of Hearts’ is an erotic drama about midlife crisis
Best Film at Bodil Awards 2020 Odds

The major Danish film Bodil Awards celebrating the best Danish and international films will take place on February 29. There are seven films among the top contenders. However, ‘Cutterhead’, ‘Uncle’, and ‘Queen of Hearts’ are leading for the Best Film at Bodil Awards 2020 odds.

The 73rd Bodil Awards by the Danish Film Critics Association are about to come out on February 29. The winners will be announced during a gala awards ceremony hosted by actor Jesper Groth at the Folketeatret in Copenhagen. According to online sportsbook news in Denmark, the winners should have deep roots in Nordic culture and have high artistic quality.

Among the top contenders, seven films received three to four nominations in different categories. The top awarded film will get a prize of DKK 350,000. However, three films ‘Cutterhead’, ‘Uncle’, and ‘Queen of Hearts’ seem to have the best chance at Bodil Awards 2020 odds, especially in winning the top award Best Film.

‘Cutterhead’ the psychological drama

The claustrophobic disaster film by debutant Rasmus Kloster Bro was shot in the Danish metro tunnels. It talks about the survival of a PR coordinator, a Croatian miner, and a worker from Eritrea during a Metro construction accident. The film has received three nominations. On top is the Best Film Award. ‘Cutterhead’ has a great value of 10 for winning the Best Film at Bodil Awards 2020 odds, according to 22BET Sportsbook. Besides, the film received two-actor nods, including leading actress (30) and supporting actor (15). There are stronger contenders for the two-actor awards, but the Best Film might go to ‘Cutterhead’.

‘Uncle’ the Tokyo-winner

Petersen’s second feature Uncle, ‘Onkel’ is about a young woman taking care of her partly disabled uncle at his farmhouse in rural Denmark. The film poses a life-changing question about love when it crosses the young woman’s path. At the Tokyo Film Festival, the film received much recognition, winning the main prize. For the Bodil Awards nominations, ‘Uncle’ got a nod for the Best Film with 7.5 odds. It also received a nod for the leading actress Jetter Sondergaard (8) and supporting actor Peter H. Thygesen (7.5).

‘Queen of Hearts’ the Sundance-winner

Queen of Hearts ‘Dronningen’ is an erotic drama film directed by May el-Toukhy. The story is about an advocacy lawyer ‘Anne’ who meets with an estranged teenage stepson. She faces a dangerous rabbit hole, which unleashes a sequence of events and puts her entire world at risk. The film discusses different topics including midlife crisis, class, desire, and passion. But, it also gives the audience the chance to decide whether the leading character is a sexual abuser, a psychopath or not.

‘Queen of Hearts’ has been highly praised in reviews, but it also received criticism for the sexual content. However, it won Sundance Awad and three awards at Goteborg, including the top prize for Best Nordic Film. With such high attention, the film leads for the Best Film Bodil Award with 1.1 odds at online sportsbooks in Denmark. Trine Dyrholm will likely win the Best Actress Award with 1.05 odds, and Magnus Krepper is favored for Best Supporting Actor with 1.25 odds.

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