Tiger King Betting Tips: Win Some Money with the Latest Top Series of Netflix

  • Netflix made a new documentary series about zookeeper Joe Exotic
  • He is in jail right now after a plot to kill his biggest rival
  • He has his own TV channel, made video clips and ran for presidency
Tiger King betting tips

From time to time Netflix manages to come up with series which everyone will follow, may it be a comedy, a crime drama or an amazing document. Like their latest success, which is about extreme Americans keeping tigers, lions and other wild animals for fun. In our Tiger King betting tips, we show you what you can bet on and the odds for all the options available. 

First, it might sound crazy to make a documentary series about a gay, extrovert, gun-loving crazy guy who loves tigers so much that he has managed his own private zoo for years. But it seems like that’s exactly what people need right now, to switch off from the current situation, and be amazed by all these extreme figures. The main character, Joe Exotic is the focus of the series, who is in jail right now after trying to hire someone to kill his biggest rival. So most bets are concerned about him, let’s see them. 

In the Tiger King betting tips, a great option is to bet on Joe Exotic’s music career

So the latest show of Netflix shows people in America who own private zoos, where they have lots of dangerous animals. You can buy a ticket to go around these parks and take a picture with a baby tiger who are the main attractions. From these zoo owners, Joe Exotic is one of the most famous and possibly the most extreme one, who has his own TV channel on YouTube. One bet is regarding that, as online sportsbooks in the US are offering odds if his channel will reach 1 million subscribers before the 1st of May. It is very likely on 1xBet where the odds are only 1.90 for that. Well at the moment he has 249 thousand subscribers, but it might reach 1 million until the end of the month. 

Tiger King betting tips
This photo was probably taken in a park like Joe’s

According to the Tiger King betting tips, there is even more chance that his most famous song, ‘Here Kitty Kitty’ can have 20 million or more YouTube views before the 1st of May. The odds are 1.20 for that at 1xBet Sportsbook. At the moment it has 5 and a half million views, but we know how the number of views can jump suddenly once it becomes the biggest topic on social media. The song is about his biggest rival, Carole Baskin who owns the Big Cat Rescue and fights against Joe in every way. Her second husband though disappeared many years ago, with several people thinking that he was killed and she was involved in it. Joe made a video clip about it, with scenes about Carole feeding her husband to her tigers. 

Can Joe get a presidential pardon? 

In the available odds, we can find some less likely ones, like any of his songs getting to the Billboard Top 100 before the 1st of May. It has the odds of 6.00. And though many people would love that even online gambling sites in the US are not giving too much chance for his presidential pardon. 

As Joe at the moment is serving his 22-year sentence for a plot to kill Carole Baskin and other charges of animal abuse. His conviction is quite serious so the odds are only 8.50 for Trump giving a presidential pardon to his former presidential opponent. Yep, Joe Exotic was also running for president as an independent candidate in 2016 and for the governor of Oklahoma in 2018. He didn’t have too much luck in politics, still, he is a truly unique person who got world-famous thanks to Netflix now. 

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