Too Hot To Handle Betting

Starting to write this I can already feel my IQ going down. Unless you've been living under a rock, then you'll already know that Too Hot To Handle is Netflix's first reality dating series. And you can actually wager on a number of factors within the show. Lets take a look...

Too Hot To Handle
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Too Hot To Handle Format

This is Netflix’s answer to ITV’s Love Island. 10 contestants must stay in a sunny villa. Here, Lana, their virtual assistant (spelled “anal” backward… these TV execs are really crushing it) tells them that they must abstain from any sexual activity. Otherwise, the total prize money will go down after each specific sex act during their island stay. The prize total is $100,000 and will be awarded to the contestant who is able to abstain the most. Lana also sets up tasks they have to perform and games for them to play. Anyhow, the show is also taking the attention of the online sportsbooks in the UK.

Introduction: Too Hot To Handle Betting

The series has been a massive hit for Netflix. Over on ITV, they have Love Island as their go-to reality dating show. But Too Hot To Handle has set out to usurp Love Island, and it looks as though it actually might do that. Love Island has around 6 million viewers whereas the Netflix series has a UK base of subscribers that numbers around 12 million. So a catch up is very possible. Right now there are odds of 1/2 that it’ll overtake it’s UK rival.

There Might Be More

After the first series, the launch of a new one is running at odds of 4/7. The fact that there were cross-over contestants from both America’s Next Top Model and Heartbreak Island. It seems there’s a good possibility of a Love Island tie-in later in the series. This has odds of 8/11. Right now there are just 6 UK contestants. But you can be sure, if the series does manage to overtake the UK’s own Love Island, then they’ll commission a series with just UK contestants. A direct face-off between the two series is trending at odds of 2/1. There’s talk of the launch of a winter series of Too Hot To Handle.

A Winter Series

Lion porn | Lions in Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania | A_Peach | Flickr
“Just another series in the middle way of the BigBrother and a regular porn movie, these are animals…” – Image source: Flickr

But right now, every producer is waiting to see the final viewing numbers before commissioning a new series. So, you’ll have to wait until at least 2021 to see if series two is going to follow. With these types of shows, the contestants are contractually obliged to perform like circus ponies even after the show airs. The TV companies want to extract as much content/blood from the contestants before throwing them over the wall into neither world of dark, silent obscurity, and fake Instagram followers. To that end, it’s uncertain as to whether ITV will pick up the show. Neither of the three couples to emerge from the show, (Francesca and Harry, Sharron and Rhonda, and David and Lydia) has posted any pictures online which show them together. In fact, the chances of a couple getting engaged before the end of 2020 is running odds of 10/1 at the online gambling sites in the UK.

But It’s Popular

On the whole, Too Hot To Handle has been well received by the public. The critics, not so much, so no surprise there. Metacritic gives the show a 43/100 and Rotten Tomatoes, rates the series at 4.28/10. But, hell, what do they know? The series is a hot topic across all social media with many of the contestants trending daily. Too Hot To Handle Season 1 saw the eventual prize pool of $75,000, being equally split between Nicole O’Brien, Bryce Hirschberg, Kelz Dyke, Francesca Farago, Rhonda Paul, Harry Jowsey, David Birtwistleand, Lydia Clyma, Chloe Veitch and Sharron Townsend.

From April 19th, 2020, the show was the top-rated Netflix show in Canada, number 2 in the UK and number 2 in the US. We are all doomed! Now, if you want to place a bet on the show, then you’ll need to watch the whole series through. Then you’ve got to gauge the popularity of the among the UK viewing public.

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