Top 10 Richest Poker Players In The World


Posted: January 16, 2024

Updated: January 16, 2024

To maximize your chances of getting rich playing poker, focus on mastering strategic gameplay, consistently analyze your opponents, and manage your bankroll wisely to mitigate risks and ensure long-term success. Like the players on our richest poker players list, stay disciplined, and be patient for profitable opportunities to arise in the game.

In the world of high-stakes poker, fortunes fluctuate daily with colossal sums won and lost. The elite players nonchalantly stake tens of thousands, if not more, during a single gaming session. They have an unworldly confidence in their ability to recover losses in subsequent poker showdowns. So just who are the richest poker players? Today at, let’s have a look at their substantial financial portfolios, their winnings, endorsements, cinematic appearances, and other revenue streams.

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Antonio Esfandiari – $27 Million

Securing the 10th spot among the world’s richest poker players is Antonio Esfandiari, a prominent figure in the poker scene. This former magician clinched three World Series of Poker bracelets over his career and added three World Poker Tour (WPT) titles to his accolades, with the initial triumph occurring in 2004 at the L.A. Poker Classic. Esfandiari’s most significant victory unfolded in 2012. This is when he emerged victorious in the “Big One for One Drop” tournament at the WSOP, pocketing a staggering $18,346,673. At the time, this was the largest live poker prize in history. For a time, he held the record for the highest tournament winnings until Daniel Negreanu claimed the title.

Richest Poker Players – Tony G – $36 Million

Tony G, whose real name is Antanas Guoga, stands out as one of the most vociferous and outspoken figures in the poker realm. Beyond his poker prowess, and being one of the richest poker players, he wears multiple hats as a politician in the European Parliament and a prosperous businessman. Despite never securing a World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet, he boasts 15 money finishes in the event. Throughout his poker journey, Tony G has claimed numerous six-figure prizes.

richest poker players
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However, we should point out that the majority of his wealth stems from his business ventures. Serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Cypherpunk Holdings, an investment firm listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange, he has wisely chosen to diversify his financial portfolio beyond the poker gaming tables.

Justin Bonomo – $57 Million

Moving on, we encounter Justin Bonomo, a luminary in both live and online poker tournaments. With three WSOP bracelets under his belt, he has notched up an impressive 55 cashes at the event. Beyond his live successes, Bonomo has triumphed in numerous high-stakes online events, including the 2020 Super High Roller Bowl Online. His most significant victory occurred in 2018 when he clinched the “Big One for One Drop” tournament. In a single tournament he added a substantial $10 million to his wealth and momentarily secured his position as the all-time live tournament money leader. If this makes you yearn for a decent and lucrative online tournament, then look no further than Bet365 Poker. They run regular tournaments, with great prizes for players of all levels. 

Richest Poker Players – Bryn Kenney – $57 Million

Bryn Kenney, an American player, may not be as widely recognized as some others on this list. After all, he’s only secured one World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet. Nevertheless, his poker prowess is evident with 32 money finishes. You’ll find that Kenney holds the top spot for the highest tournament winnings ever, amassing over $55 million. His most notable achievement came in the 2019 Triton Million charity event in London, where he claimed a staggering $20.5 million, the highest prize in poker tournament history. Despite officially finishing second, Kenney negotiated a deal with eventual winner Aaron Zang while holding the chip lead, thus securing the larger prize.

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Daniel Negreanu – $70 Million

Daniel Negreanu stands as one of the most renowned and richest poker players in history Over the years, he’s been captivating fans with his charismatic personality and showcasing exceptional skills. This has solidified his status as one of the wealthiest poker players anywhere. With six WSOP bracelets, he’s the only player to be crowned WSOP Player of the Year twice and has earned a place in the Poker Hall of Fame. Negreanu’s tournament winnings total nearly $42 million. These are complemented by substantial earnings from sponsorship deals, including a prominent tenure as the face of PokerStars. In 2019, he transitioned to become an ambassador for GGPoker, sparking debates over which poker room holds the upper hand. 

Doyle Brunson – $75 Million

Regarded as one of the titans in poker history, Doyle Brunson has left an indelible mark on the game. According to online poker news in the US, his illustrious career boasts 10 World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets, including back-to-back victories in the Main Event in 1976 and 1977. Even in retirement, Brunson remained a fixture at Bobby’s Room in the Bellagio, engaging in high-stakes cash games, such as a limit mixed poker game featuring blinds as steep as $4,000/$8,000. Live tournament winnings for Brunson exceed $6.1 million, and while the earnings from his high-stakes cash endeavours remain undisclosed, he has generated income from various other but poker-related sources, notably his acclaimed book, Super System. In truth, this is recognized as one of the premier poker strategy books ever written.

Sam Farha – $100 Million

Sam Farha is widely recognized as the contender who faced off against Chris Moneymaker in the 2003 Main Event. The Lebanese poker maestro boasts three World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets and, although he participates in tournaments, he is renowned for his prowess in high-stakes Omaha cash games.

richest poker players
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Farha’s most substantial tournament triumph, aside from his runner-up finish at the WSOP Main Event, occurred when he secured first place at the 2010 WSOP $10,000 Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better Championship, earning $488,241. His wealth extends beyond poker, encompassing various business ventures, television and film appearances, as well as authoring books.

Richest Poker Players – Chris Ferguson – $80 Million

Chris Ferguson, while not the most favoured personality in poker circles, is certainly one of the richest poker players and has demonstrated formidable playing skills at the casino games tables. However, he has faced severe allegations of involvement in a colossal Ponzi scheme at Full Tilt Poker. This scheme was responsible for syphoning off approximately $444 million from players.

Despite issuing an apology later on, which many players deemed insufficient. Nevertheless, we have to admit that Ferguson’s poker prowess is undeniable. This is highlighted by his 2000 WSOP Main Event triumph, which ended in him securing a $1.5 million prize. His career earnings from live tournaments approach $7 million, with a significant portion stemming from his 168 money finishes at the WSOP.

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Richest Poker Players – Phil Ivey – $125 Million

Phil Ivey is widely regarded as one of the greatest and richest poker players in history. The American luminary has clinched an impressive 10 WSOP bracelets, second only to Phil Hellmuth. Additionally, he made a mark at the Main Event, finishing 7th in 2009. Ivey boasts one World Poker Tour (WPT) title and has reached the final tables on nine occasions. Noteworthy tournament victories include earning AU$4 million for first place at the 2014 Aussie Millions LK Boutique AU$250,000 Challenge. Ivey excels not only in live tournaments but also as a formidable online player and a high-stakes cash game aficionado, once pocketing $16 million in three days against Texan billionaire Andy Beal.

Dan Bilzerian – $200 Million

Dan Bilzerian, a colossal Instagram sensation, asserts that the bulk of his fortune stems from poker winnings, primarily in ultra-high-stakes poker games. Despite scepticism surrounding this claim, considering an undisclosed sum from a trust fund and numerous shady business ventures, Bilzerian also commands a lucrative presence in social media. Boasting grandiose declarations about his poker prowess, including a purported $50 million in earnings in 2014 alone, Bilzerian emphasises cash games over major tournaments. However, the social media maven, today finds himself entangled in many legal issues. In spite of this, on paper at least, he stands as the richest poker player globally, irrespective of the origins of his wealth.

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