The Top 3 Bets on Asia’s Next Top Model

We combined the official scores with the contestants' placements to provide a more comprehensive ranking after the double elimination in the 8th episode. Who do you think is the best bet to win AsNTM? We have the odds for Mia, Dana, and Adela.

Bet On Asia's Next Top Model
After Episode 7, Dana has the best ranking but only the second best odds after Adela

Update (24.10.2018)

Asia’s Next Top Model Betting Odds – Winner

# Contestant Total score Odds
1. Dana 253.1 1.15
2. Adela 252.9 1.5
3. Mia 249.4 2.5
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We are currently on the sixth season of Asia’s Next Top Model, a spinoff of the evergreen Next Top Model franchise, that sees aspiring models from Far East Asia competing for:

  • a modelling contract with Storm Model Management
  • a cover-story in Harper’s Bazaar (Thailand)
  • a Subaru XV
  • a feature in the America’s Next Top Model game.

The show started on August 22nd and it is scheduled to end on the 24th of October. This means that betting on the outright winner might seem a bit premature. However, after 5 out of 10 episodes we have enough data to attempt a prediction.

One way to look at it: placements in the Top 3

Let’s make something clear: betting is not the same as rooting. If you want to make a good bet, you have to put aside all subjective factors – such as sympathy or favoritism – for the sake of profit. Will you have to bet against your own nation? Very much could be. At the end of the day, all that matters in the world of betting is cold hard data. In the case of Asia’s Next Top Model, that data would be the number of Top 3 placements in the show. Let’s do some math:

Point System for Ranking

# Position on an episode Score
1. 1st 3
2. 2nd 2
3. 3rd 1

Standings based on number of times in Top 3

# Contestant Scores by Position
1. Beauty 9 points
2. Dana 8 points
3. Mia 7 points
4. Adela 6 points
5. Pim 3 points

Ranking, based on the show’s own scoring system

The show has its own scoring system, which indicates the following order:

Overall scores of the Top 3

# Contestant Total Score
1. Dana 253.1
2. Adela 252.9
3. Mia 249.4

This is the data that 1xBet Sportsbook used for their fixtures. As you can see, the Top 3 scored contestants are the ones with the best odds.

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