The Top 4 Donald Trump Bets for 2019

Say whatever you want about Donald Trump, one thing’s for sure: we never know what’s he going to do next. However, if you do, you can make some serious amount of money here. You can bet on Trump to make Mexico to pay for his wall or even the President to convert to Islam. Crazy, right? Here are the top 4 Donald Trump bets for 2019.

Bet on Donald Trump
You never know what's in Donald Trump's head

Donald Trump is still the president of the United States and it’s never easy to predict his next steps. However, thanks to 1xBet Sportsbook, we can now win some cash with the top Donald Trump bets for 2019. It’s possible to bet until the end of the year, and believe us, these bets are major.

Betting odds on Donald Trump to have a navy ship named after him

Donald Trump
Donald Trump, dreaming of his tower

Trump’s childhood dream was to build an enormous tower in Manhattan. Let’s not talk about what someone might want to compensate when they want their tower to be bigger than anyone else’s but talk about the name instead. The Trump Tower. The president believes this name shows strength, confidence and quality. Therefore, he probably wouldn’t reject to have a navy ship (+900) or a military base (+1200) named after him. Imagine that: The Trump Ship. It would never settle.

Bet on Donald Trump to make Mexico pay for his wall

“I will build a great-great wall on our southern border and I’ll have Mexico pay for that wall.”

– claimed Donald Trump in his presidential announcement speech. Are they going to pay for it though? Former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox denied that they’d ever help the US to build “that stupid wall”. However, if you believe that The Donald could be even more convincing and you bet on Mexico to show some money, 1xBet Sportsbook’s going to pay you! Their odds are +1200 on the event.

One of the top Donald Trump bets for 2019 is the president to convert to Islam

According to his tweet in 2016, Trump doesn’t want “the muslims to flow in” the USA. He even claimed that he thinks Islam hates America. Still, at 1xBet Sportsbook it is possible to bet on Donald Trump to convert to Islam – the odds are +15000 on that. Bookies believe it’s bit more likely that Trump’s going to deny the existence of God (+2000), but that’s also an unlikely event, since most of his voters are religious. However, we’ve seen even weirder things from the president, so who knows…

Trump’s impeachment is more likely now than ever

Here we are again – the good old impeachment. This has been a common topic since the first time Donald Trump has arrived to the White House. There have been efforts by the democrats to remove Trump from the office, but – obviously – none of them were successful.

However, they have a majority in the House of Representatives now, that way they can start the process this year. Online gambling sites in the United States believe that this is the most likely one of the Donald Trump bets for 2019. The odds are +180 at 1xBet Sportsbook for it to happen this year. We’re not so convinced though – it’s questionable whether the democrats would like to see Mike Pence to become the leader of their nation.

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