Top 6 Shortest Basketball Players in History


Posted: December 27, 2021

Updated: December 27, 2021

  • Herm Klotz was a point guard who was 170 cm tall and weighed 68 kg.
  • The height difference between Mugsy Bogz and Manute Bol was 71 centimeters.
  • Six proof that giants are not the only ones to play basketball.

Basketball is exactly the kind of sport that usually requires players to have rather high indicators in terms of height. Because thanks to the corresponding data, it becomes much easier and more convenient to win martial arts, take shots, and score points. Nevertheless, some do not possess such qualities. And in this article, we will just list a few of the shortest professionals in the history of basketball. So who are the top 6 shortest basketball players?

People mistakenly believe that being tall is the most important quality in basketball. In reality, basketball is about ball possession and teamwork. Even the shortest player who has mastered these abilities ideally can beat every player and every team.  Many do not realize that even a short basketball player can bring benefits to the whole team. Let’s discover the top 7 shortest basketball players ever!

The Shortest NBA Champion: Herm Klotz (170 cm)

Klotz has been playing basketball for so long that the national basketball association itself didn’t even exist. He spent one season with the Baltimore Bullets in the BAA. One of two leagues that merged in the NBA a year later. By the way, Bullets became champions this year. But we remember Klotz for a completely different thing. In the future, he became the playing owner of the Washington Generals shows basketball team, playing as a point guard until the age of 62. Since 1953, Generals have regularly held exhibition matches against Harlem Globetrotters, having won only 6 and lost more than 13,000 matches in the entire history of the confrontation.

6 Shortest Basketball Players: Spud Webb (170cm)

Spud Webb was 170 cm tall and weighed 60 kg. He played for several teams of the National Basketball Association. Largely thanks to him, the road was opened for athletes with the same similar physical parameters. That is, it became fashionable to invite short young players to teams.

Distinguished by fast speed, excellent dexterity, and good jumping ability, he managed to take a regular part in the NBA championship for thirteen years. And at the same time the fans remember him for his cool decent results. As the online sportsbook news in the US states, among his clubs are the Atlanta Hawks, Sacramento Kings, Minnesota Timberwolves, Orlando Magic, and Idaho Stampede. Bovada Sportsbook offers the best odds as well as the best tournaments and championships. 

6 Shortest Basketball Players: Greg Grant (170 cm)

Greg Grant, another point guard, height 170 cm and weight 64 kg. His basketball career lasted about nine years: from 1989 to 1998. He played in a large number of teams, changing teams almost like gloves. In the NBA national league, he has 274 games and 767 points. The athlete was born in 1966, and he was drafted in 1989: the Phoenix Suns club selected the boy. After completing his performances, he headed the sports academy in Trenton. And, together with writer Martin Summers, wrote an autobiography about his journey in the world of basketball. Bet on the best NBA teams on Bovada Sportsbook with the best odds. And also check out the online sportsbook sites in the US, if you are looking for more options.

One of The Most Productive Players: Earl Boykins (165 cm)

Despite his very small height even for other types of sports competitions, Earl Boykins managed to build a worthy professional career in the world of basketball. He managed to play for a variety of teams from the NBA and taking part in as many as 652 matches of the association.

Moreover, the years of his activity fell on the modern era. From 1998 to 2012, when the national league entered the list of the most popular types of competitions on the planet. Interestingly, during the traditional draft, no club chose this point guard. So he began to enter into agreements with various teams, that is, they were often of a short-term nature.

Thus, he happened to become part of such squads as the New Jersey Nets, the Cleveland Cavaliers, etc. In addition, he has almost six thousand points scored, as well as a position in the TOP-20 among the best players in terms of free throws.

6 Shortest Basketball Players: Muggsy Bogues (160 cm)

Who would have thought that in basketball it is possible to prove himself excellent with a height of 160 cm and a weight of 64 kg? But Muggsy Bogues not only had a chance to do this but even managed to show excellent impressive results in the NBA. For fourteen whole seasons, he managed to play for such teams as the Washington Bullets, the Charlotte Hornets, the Golden State Warriors, and the Toronto Raptors.

Born in 1965, he was drafted by the first club of the national association in 1987. As a point guard, he won gold medals at the 1986 World Cup and was also one of the most popular professionals of his time. Thanks to his high speed and solid agility, Muggsy has repeatedly demonstrated steep results in every match, regularly making many interceptions and making a variety of effective passes. Plus he managed to score almost seven thousand points in the NBA during his career. At the end of his performances, he wrote an autobiography and moved on to coaching, leading the women’s team.

This was a list of the 6 shortest basketball players , only once again proving the fact that sometimes in the world of sports it is enough to show a strong desire and hard work, and then success can suddenly appear even in such life circumstances as the pros from this quite unusual rating.

Barney Sedran (163 cm) Proves Height Is Not Important

The second place in our ranking is occupied by Barney Sedran. He is officially the lowest basketball player of the 20th century. He was born in 1891 in New York. The athlete’s height was 163 cm, his weight was approximately 52 kg. He played in the 10s and 20s of the last century, has managed to appear in several kinds of teams. And he has managed to become the highest-paid player of those times.

He is also famous for being one of the strongest defense duos with Marty Friedman and showing excellent results in many of his squads. This allowed him to subsequently win several league titles. At the end of his career, Mighty Mite was inducted into the basketball hall of fame.

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