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Posted: April 12, 2024

Updated: April 12, 2024

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We have collected the top 7 stars affiliated with gambling, among a few other honorary mentions. These promotions are going to give you an example of both the good type of marketing and the slightly worse type of marketing. We will explain the legislative restrictions against such advertising too!

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Today we are going to talk about an interesting, yet at the same time pretty serious and important topic. A few years ago researchers found out that it is not gambling in itself which is harmful, but the way it is advertised. Thus, most countries have started to make sanctions against celebrities accepting deals for gambling advertisements. This article was created to collect some of the cases where stars used to advertise gambling!

This is the top 7 stars affiliated with gambling. Of course, we could name many, including Shaquille O’Neal. However, we focus on those who are truly the greatest stars who were very closely affiliated with the online casino sites in the US.

7. Neymar And Poker – Top 7 Stars Affiliated With Gambling

Let’s start with one of the most well-known soccer players, who has recently gotten caught up in a negative spotlight due to playing poker. Neymar was found out playing poker on his phone during his daughter’s funeral. However, it might be just a premeditated marketing catch for the company. Nonetheless, Neymar is huge on advertising gambling sites.

According to PokerStars, the company seeks to establish Neymar as a member of the community. And honestly? It is the best way to increase the quality of your gambling site. Having the chance to play with a celebrity online makes the whole experience a little exciting for everyone. But of course, it is mostly a promotion. If you wish to play online poker, we recommend you register at VAVE Casino.

Nicki Minaj gambling ambassador

6. Nicki Minaj For MaximBet

High heels on her tippies, she still got the deposit bonuses by a sippy. – Jokes aside, Nicki Minaj was truly an ambassador for MaximBet, which is an online gambling site. It is hard to imagine the Queen of Rap as the face of a casino, but it is the full reality! Not only an Ambassador but also her face was used all over the website as an advertisement design. According to The Drum, she also became their magazine’s creative director.

Which is a pretty nice move, and it makes the casino unique. They are not only offering a face like many other sponsorships among the top 7 stars affiliated with gambling but also Nicki Minaj’s creative mindset about article releases. Who knows? Maybe she has more talents other than all the high skills we can see on the stage.

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5. Drake’s Stake – Top 7 Stars Affiliated With Gambling

Yes, this is not just a joke. Drake is a partner with a gambling site. While he might enjoy gambling, we all know that he is not prone to promoting it. While we are not accusing Drake of anything, we believe that this is more of a promotional deal, rather than him having an outstanding interest in the game.

However, it is undeniable that Drake sometimes plays roulette. According to Stake, his favorite games are bets and roulette, which is not too far from the truth. But in the end, he is a partner. Thus, he gets paid for not denying the fact that he is a gambler, and the website may use his face to promote the game. In conclusion, Drake has promoted gambling games several times. However, he did not follow Nicki’s slightly more ethical path by being a creative director.

Gambling rappers

4. Drake, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Kanye West – PokerStars

Staying on Drake for a moment. The top 7 stars affiliated with gambling have sat together to make a song. We refer to them as the gambling rappers. Do you remember that amazing song they have created, called “Forever”? Well, if you remember the good old times, their clip starts with a promotion of someone sitting on an airplane, playing online poker at PokerStars.

What makes it obvious that this is a main promotion is the fact that the song essentially plays in a small sample, before the clip restarts to begin the actual video clip. Nonetheless, this was a pretty good promotion. No one has done this before, and it isn’t unethical. It’s just like drinking Coca-Cola in a clip.

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3. Cristiano Ronaldo’s Poker Ad

Christiano Ronaldo’s poker ad is legendary, and probably it was the one advertisement that started the whole process of legislation against celebrity gambling ads. See, the UK celebrities in gambling ads were influencing the youth to take an interest in the game. It painted an image that only the rich, successful, and of course, celebrity people play the game. When they grow up, they want to be smoking gentlemen just like them.

But in reality, the whole photo shoot is arranged during the promotion in a way to be used as an advertisement. Thus, it is truly negative. We believe Cristiano Ronaldo just took the offer, as he likes poker. However, many who study marketing understand the negative impacts. Still, he is among the top 7 stars affiliated with gambling and he has to say, his face truly made the game more famous.

Soccer players advertising gambling

2. Bruno Mars & MGM – Top 7 Stars Affiliated With Gambling

There was a news blow-up on the rumors about the Bruno Mars casino debts. We already covered the story, and it turns out that all the debts were just rumors and false information from an anonymous source. It was confirmed that Bruno Mars is indeed partnering with MGM. However, his partnership is the most ethical, and it just simply makes sense. Instead of using his face to advertise gambling, he simply hosts music in their venue.

This is fully normal this is the real way of making a casino popular. Just let a five-star celebrity play music, and let the people know that they will get much more than just a simple gambling experience, but a classy and jazzy atmosphere. Bruno Mars is the GOAT of partnerships.

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1. Judd Trump Is VALVE’s Ambassador

Finally, we reached the end of our top 7 stars affiliated with gambling. While usually we would pick Shaq O’Neal on the top, we decided to just give him a few honorary mentions. Because the true king of casino affiliation is Judd Trump. He is an Olympic athlete who has won gold medals before.

However, he decided to become the Ambassador of VAVE. VAVE is a sports betting and casino site that widely accepts cryptocurrencies just as they accept FIAT currencies. What makes this ambassador title special is the stake he holds with his integrity. Shaq joined an already trusted and rich place. But Judd Trump’s endorsement solidified a fully new platform. If you are interested in trying it out, just register at VAVE Casino!

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