Top three athletic doping cheats at the Olympics

Ben JOhnson 100m run sprint

The 100 meters sprinter’s race proves to be the “locus” of some of the greatest doping cheats at the Olympics

At time when the whole Russian Olympic delegation is set under investigation due to doping accusation, a common question that all of us ask today is what were the greatest doping cheats at the Olympics? While many sports have some paradigmatic cases to offer, athletics, as Canbet sportsbook notes, seems to be the sport most commonly associated with the doping scandals. In this article GamingZion reveals the top three athletic doping cheats at the Olympics.

Tyson Gay

Tyson Gay was the star of the Osaka World Championship back in 2007 winning the gold in the 100m, 200m and the 4x100m races. He was soon after considered to be a raising athletic star. But in 2008 the Usain Bolt miracle slowly begin to be emerge. And after Gay was let behind Bolt in the Reebok Gran Prix run, it became more clear that to win over Bolt in future he would have to do far better than he used to.


But strong desires for winning can sometimes take a wrong turn. That is what happened with Gay too. In 2013 he completely ruined his reputation after he was tested positive for steroids. He was suspended by the US Anti-Doping Agency and striped off his Olympic silver medal from the Summer Olympics in London 2012.

• Sprinters among the greatest “cheaters” 
• Marion Jones was stripped of her sensation 5 Olympic medals
• Ben Johnson won the “dirtiest Olympic race” in history

As internet betting sites in US stress, due to his cheating the US men’s 4x100m relay team was also stripped from the silver medal which was after allocated to Trinidad and Tobago while the bronze belonged to France. Gay never won an Olympic gold medal.

Marion Jones

Marion Jones was the star of the Olympic Games in Sydney 2000 as she became the first women who have won five medals on one Olympics. She was the first in the 100m, 200m and 4x100m race, winning 2 bronze medals in the long jump competition and the 4x 400m race. Briefly, a sensational result for the fabulous American athlete.

However, in what became famous as the BALCO scandal, Marion Jones was one of the names which were mentioned to have used banned performance enhancing substances. In 2007 the athlete admitted that she was using the alleged substances but that she was not aware that they were steroids. As sites dealing with bet on sports in Brazil emphasize, she was soon after stripped off the five Olympic medals. She decided to retire and end her professional career in 2008.

Ben Johnson

His 9.79 at the 100m sprinter’s race at the Seoul Olympics in 1988 set the sprinter’s bar below the infamous 9.80 of his time. It was sufficient to leave behind him even a great legend such as Carl Lewis, celebrated as one of the most glorious athletes of all time. Ben Johnson soon became thus the new sprinting miracle, one that might even surpass the glory of the great Lewis. 

However, after doping tests were made, the Canadian national pride proved to be positive on steroids. As online sportsbooks in Canada recall, samples of his urine were found to contain stanozolol, which was sufficient for the International Olympic Committee to demand that Canada returns their first sprinting gold medal. Many investigations of the race were implemented after this discovery due to allegations that stanozolol was highly popular among athletes at the time. Was it only Johnson the one who was cheating or there were others involved? Although many details are still unknown to the public, the Seoul 1988 100m race seems to be justifiably called the “dirtiest race in history”.

In 1992 Ben Johnson returned on the track on the Olympic Games in Barcelona. However, by that time the shine of the Canadian sprinting star was gone. He never won an Olympic medal.

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