Bet On The Rio Olympics Overcoming All Obstacles

Bet On The Rio Olympics

The press may wail about the ill-preparedness of the host city ahead of the Olympic Games but whilst you can bet on the Rio Olympics being a special case, it will be by no means be the disaster so many seem intent on predicting because the Olympics is unstoppable.

Rio Olympics Issues

• Zika Virus
• Water Pollution
• Fiscal Crisis
• Political Scandal
• Doping

Ahead of the London Olympics back in 2012 there were great swathes of the British population that felt the games were likely to be a rather embarrassing disaster, something not countered by concerns over security that reputedly saw surface-to-air missiles based on the rooftops of east London tower-blocks. However the expensive calamity turned out, just like the wolf-infested accommodation in Sochi, to be alright in the end, and you can bet on the Rio Olympics being just as successful.

Everyone bet on the Rio Olympics having issues, but those are traditional. So what if half the Olympic village remains so unfinished it can’t pass safety inspections? Who cares if some teams are bringing in their own plumbers to fix some of the “teething problems”? What does it matter if one of the biggest teams is slowly being decimated by a drug scandal that anyone who likes to bet on sports in Brazil KNOWS goes far deeper than just a few Russians? This is all perfectly normal. It’s the Olympics.

Bet On The Rio Olympics At Bet365

Now obviously each games have their own flavor (you shouldn’t bet on the Rio Olympics getting wolf visitations any time soon, for instance) and the Brazilians have laid on a spectacularly Hollywood-esque array of issues that will give their games its own unique brand of ultimately successful chaos that have all the ingredients necessary for a marvelous in-the-face-of-all-odds victory or, possibly, an overly weapon-spec heavy Tom Clancy novel that gets turned into a Hallmark TV movie in a decade’s time.

Worst Olympics In History

• Munich 1972 – Terrorism
• Moscow 1980 – Boycott
• Paris 1900 – Disorganization

No really, bet on the Rio Olympics featuring in thrillers to come, it’s got it all. Political scandal at the highest level? Check. Dodgy security situation the city can’t afford? Check. Numerous locals swearing allegiance to ISIS? Check. Pandemic levels of the serious birth-defect causing Zika Virus? Check. Water pollution that makes Prypyat look like Bora-Bora? Check. An ongoing all-consuming drug scandal the IOC fudged? Check. Dear god. Even soap opera writers in Brazil gambling laws of plausibility will never catch up with them are in awe of this conjunction of bizarre circumstance.

You Can Bet On The Rio Olympics Being A Real Thriller

Add an action hero, some unfeasibly breasted love interest and a suitcase nuke and you could bet on the Rio Olympics being a box office smash, but even if you were to make it into a movie, it wouldn’t be anywhere near as spectacular as the games themselves will be anyway. Sure, there will the social media storm as a bunch of 20-somethings lament imperfection in their rooms or local public transport, and yes the Russian doping scandal means that there are more announcement of bans than of participation these days, but these just aren’t going to be deal breakers, because when it comes to the Olympics, nothing is.

Rio police raid

In the land of samba… (Photo: Daniel Simoes)

The Olympic games have been boycotted by half the world at one point or another, hosted by Adolf Hitler once upon a time and in Munich saw its fair share of terrorism, and the games are still going. You might not want to bet on the Rio Olympics being perfect, no Olympics are, but whilst you’re perusing the odds at Bet365 on the sports of your choice perhaps thinking it’ll all be chaos, you should actually bet there will be a fair few people in Brazil gambling news stories bemoaning its ill-preparedness are just another Olympic tradition.

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