Tour de France Special Bets – The Jersey Edition

  • Which countries cyclist will adorn the famous yellow jersey?
  • Is France the favourite to take home the jersey from the Mountains classification?
Tour de France special bets
The Tour de France bling. Image source: Konstantin Kleine / CC BY-SA] via Wikimedia Commons

2020 is here and it brings us the most competitive cycle racing there is. This highly intense sport will begin in the summer and carry on for 23 days and will emerge with a victor who shall wear the prestigious yellow jersey. Cyclists from all over the world will be participating in rigorous competitions throughout the tournament. Covering all bases, from the sea-level to the mountains, this race is sure to determine who is most excellent at in this sport. Tour de France special bets will allow you to indulge in wagering options offering more than just outright winner.

We will be witnessing the race make its way through multiple countries in Europe leading up to the Alps which are considered to be the toughest part of the entire ride. Cyclists have already been training hard to gain enough stamina that will last them through harsh conditions. Experience is of key importance in such sports, which is why online sportsbooks sites in France are betting on current champion Egan Bernal to take home the trophy.

Tour de France special bets: Which European country will win the yellow jersey?

If you know cycling, you must be aware of the importance of the yellow jersey. It is the most prestigious outfit one can wear in the race which points out to everyone who is king. The yellow jersey is an award which is granted to the victor at the end of Tour de France. The current champion Egan Bernal will take part in this year’s tournament while sporting the famous yellow colour.

Tour de France special bets
The yellow jersey stands out. Image source: needpix

The 23-year-old is from Columbia and there are many bets which suggest that the jersey might transfer to someone from Europe. Many European cyclists are in the league yearning to gear-up in it. France has several names in the top 10, including Thibaut Pinot who ranks at 5th as the favourite for an outright win. Julian Alaphilippie also increases France’s chances of winning and confirms odds of 5.00 at 1xBet sportsbook.

Meanwhile, cyclists from Germany, namely Emanuel Buchmann makes a strong case for his country with odds of 11.00. Spanish cyclist Mikel Landa is gearing up for his country with positive odds of 9.00. However, Great Britain is in the lead with 3.80 odds and a very accomplished cyclist, Chris Froome who ranks as 2nd favourite in outright winners list for Tour de France 2020.

Tour de France special bets: Mountains classification and the Polka dot jersey

Another famous jersey is the polka dot jersey which belongs to the rather exceptional cyclist who can bear the mountains. Perhaps the most intense and thrilling part of the race is the journey through the mountains. Testing the participant’s skillsets thoroughly is the aim of this course of the race. Review about 1xbet suggests that this is the part which requires the most stamina and skill due to the altitude.

Tour de France special bets
Fans supporting even in the mountains. Image source: pikrepo

Hence, the management of the tournament deems it worthy of awarding a special jersey to the victor. Online sportsbook news in France has cyclists from several countries competing for the dotted jersey. The country which is leading as the favourite for surviving the mountains is indeed France with odds of 2.10. Following closely is Italy with odds of 5.00.

In addition, 1xBet Sportsbook has equal faith in Buchmann for winning either of the two jerseys for Germany with odds of 10.00. While Egan Bernal currently rules the world of cycling, it might be of significance to take into account the efforts of other cyclists. Many young cyclists will be heading to Nice this summer to take part in the worlds top cycling event. Keep checking the odds to see some unexpected names in the list.

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