Trio To Be Tried For Illegal Gambling Operation

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Men face illegal gambling charges after their online betting operation was discovered and shut down by the authorities.

Three men have fallen foul of US gambling laws in Charlotte, New York, and have been both arrested and indicted on charges of betting and money laundering.

Paul Borrelli (66), Joseph Ruff (32) and Mark Ruff (40) were all arrested at the Marina Restaurant &Bar when officers entered the premises Wednesday and made a search.

Assistant US Attorney Robert A. Marangola is quoted as relating the charges to a grand jury investigation into the three over the last several years.

Online gambling for local people

Apparently law enforcement was none too pleased with the three running several online gambling sites in the US and they’re threatened with imprisonment and cash fines of up to $76 million USD.

Mr.Marangola claims they three ran multiple sports betting websites that allowed locals to gamble.

Marangola explained that the site gave users the “line” and totaled the amount won or lost by punters with money changing hands in person or by using cloak and dagger drop-offs at the bar they own.

With more than $80,000 seized as raids continued at various locations across the city the trio have also had six bank accounts, three real estate properties and a vehicle confiscated.

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