Trump Impeachment Betting Odds Pointing Towards an Early Exist

  • Trump’s latest controversy leading to impeachment odds dropping to 1.448
  • Impeachment inquiry announcement by Nancy Pelosi
  • Trump introduces new Kurdish controversy to sideline impeachment
Donald Trump Impeachment Odds
Trump's impeachment keeps coming up

The US President has always been in the middle of a controversy one two many times. Trump’s latest troubles revolve around Ukraine-Biden has triggered an Impeachment inquiry, put into action by Nancy Pelosi. However, Trump continues to deny such allegations and wants to distance himself from the conflict. On the contrary, Trump impeachment betting odds predict a 75% chance of Trump’s term ending before 2020.

US politics is on the hot-plate since the whistle-blower came forward. Since the legal inquiry was announced, Trump impeachment betting odds have hit an all-time low. However, the White House maintains a rigid stance towards the inquiry despite cooperation. 

Trump impeachment betting odds: Rival candidates facing advantage

Trump Impeachment Betting Odds
Joe Biden (The White House from Washington, DC [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)
As the US Presidential Election 2020 draws near, this is possibly the worst situation to arise for Trump’s campaign. However, on the bright side for rival candidates, their odds have significantly improved since. Although Trump is still the favorite to win, the odds for the other candidates might improve if the inquiry goes south.

Furthermore, the impeachment drama has successfully managed to convert 25% of the Republican party to condemn Trump on his act. However, Republican Senators remain silent on their stance. 

While Trump supports odds of 1.25, he is followed by Elizabeth Warren at 3.00 on 1xBet. Online gambling sites in the US have Joe Biden at 8.00 and Bernie Sanders at 16.00.

Trump impeachment betting odds: Trump desperately trying to evade impeachment

The US President who takes fancy to staying in the spotlight is despairingly trying to shift the global focus. Consequently, a new controversy, debatably even worse, has come to the surface. The abandonment of Kurdish allies has transpired into another fail on part of Trump’s regime. Review about 1xBet sportsbook states that the amalgamation of US politics is turning more chaotic than ever.

Along with the Ukrainian whistleblower, Trump now faces angry Americans along with Kurdishish allies. Retired Marine General, John Allen condemns the predicament of Kurdish soldiers due to Trump’s disposition: “There is blood on Trump’s hands for abandoning our Kurdish allies.”

As a bare minimum consolation for all the anger out there, Trump’s fame is declining at a slow yet steady pace. 1xBet has Trump at 1.448 in favor of impeachment. On the other hand, the odds against impeachment are at 2.544.

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