The Masked Singer Winner Odds: Three Overdogs from Australia

  • Is Robot’s personality already revealed?
  • Variety of genres can play for Wolf
  • Watch The Masked Singer final on October 21
The Wolf is definitely one of the favorites

The grand finale of the debut season of the Australian TV-show The Masked Singer is coming soon. On October 21 viewers will learn the name of the champion. Therefore, it’s the most proper time to learn The Masked Singer winner odds.

The Masked Singer in Australia repeats the scenario of its origin, South Korean show, King of Mask Sing. The concept of the show is simple: 12 famous people hide behind masks of various creatures to stay unrecognized and vocally compete for the main prize. When a contestant is out, he/she reveals his/her face to the public, while the others still stay anonymous.

Since the start of The Masked Singer on September 23, only three contestants managed to reach the final. Wolf, Monster, and Robot will fight for the audience and the jury’s sympathy on the last day of the show. Considering the singers’ past performances, sportsbook experts are ready to name the most possible winner.

Monster closes the list of the possible champions

An unknown singer under the Monster mask could win The Masked Singer show with the possibility of 21.00 at online sportsbooks in Australia. Despite Monster’s performances on the show were successful and the singer hasn’t even been under the risk of being out, bookmakers don’t believe in its victory.

During the previous eight episodes, Monster sang a lot of hits including Aretha Franklin’s Think and Beautiful by Christina Aguilera. The choice of such difficult songs to sing could still play for this contestant as Monster’s voice is no less than amazing.

Why should you bet on Wolf to win?

Betting odds on 1xBet Sportsbook show that Wolf is one of the main favorites of The Masked Singer. This charismatic singer has 3.50 odds to win, which is a good result, considering that Wolf’s path to the final was more difficult than the Monster’s one. The singer was just a step away from elimination in the first episode of the show. Wolf’s performance of Man! I Feel Like a Woman! Didn’t impress viewers so much but the jury saved the anonymous singer from being out. The following performances of such songs as Disco Inferno and especially an Oscar-winning Shallow were more successful and even led Wolf to the final.

Robot leads The Masked Singer winner odds

The singer under the Robot mask is the main favorite, according to online gambling sites in Australia. The performer leads The Masked Singer winner odds of 1.25, which is the best result among all the finalists of the show.

Betting on Robot to win the first Australian The Masked Singer season is grounded on two reasons. Firstly, this contestant has never been under the risk of elimination, which indicates the audience’s sympathy. The choice of songs is another reason to support Robot in the final race. This singer usually picks up different genres, from folk like Hold Back the River to pop (I Don’t Care). 

Finally, there are rumors that Cody Simpson is the one who hides under Robot’s mask after two matches. Robot’s last performance included two songs: Nothing Breaks Like a Heart and Jolene. Interestingly, the first hit is performed by Cody’s girlfriend, Miley Cyrus. The other song was originally sung by Dolly Parton, who’s Miley’s godmother. This coincidence might add Robot additional points from both Cyrus and Simpson fans.

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