TV Series vs Films: How Small Screens Took Over Cinemas

  • TV series are getting over motion pictures nowadays
  • There are many reasons why small screens are better than cinemas
  • However, there is no need to bet on big screens to disappear in the future
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It all started with Game of Thrones
Image source: Flickr.com

The movie theaters have been dominating over television for more than a century. However, the last decade brought viewers back to small screens. This tendency seems to keep on developing in the 2020s, so let’s discover why the TV series vs films competition is on again and how television manages to trump its “bigger brother”.

The history of television and cinema has more common features than differences. Both were created in the late 19th century, both their prototypes were first silent and black & white. However, making films for theaters has always been more profitable for studios and popular among people. Watching movie premieres on a big screen was exciting, gave more emotions and was even prestigious. Things kept on going well for cinemas till the 21st century entered the stage. Nowadays, the audience gives preference to TV series than to motion pictures and this decision is grounded on various reasons. Let’s see the major ones.

TV series vs films: better storytelling

Longer storytelling is probably the main reason why TV series is taking over motion pictures. The format of television allows understanding the plot and characters’ motivation better. Let’s take The Witcher as an example as it is one of the most popular series of 2019. Every episode of this TV project runs for 50-60 minutes, while its first season had 8 episodes. Obviously, the audience can learn the fictional world better for this time. Also, series usually have two seasons minimum (you can already bet on the next one for The Witcher). As its producers have more time to introduce main and secondary characters, their backgrounds, the laws of the universe, we start to sympathize with them more. At the same time, filmmakers are limited with the timing as very few directors can make people fell in love with their heroes in 2-3 hours. Therefore, it’s 1:0 for TV series.

TV series vs films: no franchises

tv series vs films, tv series, 1xbet, bet on tv series, bet on films
It’s easier to watch missed episodes on TV than wait for motion pictures to be out on DVD [https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/ [CC BY-SA] Wikimedia Commons]
Are you tired of numerous franchises that occupy cinemas during the last years? We are. Endless sequels, prequels, spin-offs, and reboots make us sick. Although there are some pluses for both sides – studios make money, viewers enjoy favorite characters – the crisis for new ideas depreciates them all. There are really few original stories in cinemas nowadays. If you are not a Marvel fan, it will be difficult to find something to watch on the big screen. Studios prefer to finance time-tested franchises than original stories that may flop in the box-office.

Here comes television that saves us from endless franchises. Nowadays, you can find the most creative stories made for the Netflix platform than for big screens. Peaky Blinders, Big Little Lies, and The Boys are among the most highly-rated projects so far, so don’t miss the chance to bet on them at online sportsbook sites. 2:0 – well done, TV!

TV series vs films: great actors

TV series used to turn no-name actors into celebrities earlier. Now, the A-class stars want to become a part of television. Nowadays, more and more talented actors and actresses choose small screens over big ones. Meryl Streep, Amy Adams, Reese Witherspoon, Helena Bonham Carter, Emily Watson, Olivia Colman, Sean Bean, Stellan Skarsgard, Tom Hardy are only a small part of brilliant casts in various TV series. There can be many reasons why they relocate from big screens to small ones, starting from the interest in more original plots to the possibility of earning new awards (like Emmys). All in all, they please our eyes with great performances, so here comes another plus of TV series – 3:0.

TV series are easier to follow

tv series vs films, tv series, 1xbet, bet on tv series, bet on films
Going to the cinema has its drawbacks nowadays [Clay Gilliland from Chandler, U.S.A. [CC BY-SA] Wikimedia Commons]
One of the main advantages of television series is their accessibility to the audience. You can watch brand new episodes on your TV or laptop from home. Yes, we still prefer going to the cinema to watch expensive blockbusters, but we’d rather turn another drama on TV than spend money and time on getting to theaters. Filmmakers understand it too, so they adapt unpopular genres to the TV format. To speak honestly, who would go to the cinema to watch a biographical drama about Queen Elizabeth’s marriage crisis? Exactly. At the same time, The Crown series perfectly cope with showing her and other Royals from different sides, which would be impossible in a motion picture. Finally, following such a specific plot is easier at home, as you will be simply bored watching it in the cinema. The TV series vs films battle is finished. 4:0.

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