Two More Ready Made Millionaires Over 1 Weekend – Curtesy of Pokerstars’ Spin & Go

PokerStars winner list

$3.4 million shared among 9 people in PokerStars‘ Spin & Go promotion which lasts until end of January.

Thanks to PokerStars, two more Spin & Go players have had their dreams come true, and made UK gambling news too, becoming millionaires over the weekend. The $1 million Spin & Go top prize multiplier happened to change the lives of not one but two people, forever. With the over 120 billion hands that have been dealt on PokerStars, little wonder that the odds of winning all turned up so close one after the other.

The first lucky Spin & Go er was ‘Tornádo111’ from the Czech Republic. He won over ‘RusGreen’ and ‘newann’ to collect the $1 million Spin & Go prize. $100,000 each was awarded to second and third place winners. Then not to be left out, on Sunday, Canadian ‘anushan_2323’ ruled over the game with ‘ChipsMongot’ and ‘jukebox72’ close behind, which made him a millionaire too.

For just $45 buy-in a million dollars were spun and won

The UK-based PokerStars, operating out of Isle of man, in accordance with UK gambling laws, boasts 3 millionaires in the space of almost a week as 3 lucky players did their thing on t $1m Spin & Go. The Russian player ‘sss66666’ led the way and made PokerStars history, as he won first-ever $1 million Spin & Go winner just last Monday.

With the streak of luck befall in PokerStars players, a total $3.6 million was given out to to nine players from just $45 in buy-ins. This exciting PokerStars promo with the special $5 buy-in, on the $1 Million Spin & Go promotion, lasts throughout the whole month of January.

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