UCI Track Cycling World Championship 2020 Odds

  • Matthew Glaetzer is coming back from cancer for the World Championships
  • Australian women's team is as strong as ever according to the Australian cycling association
  • You can bet on your favorite country now, instead of betting on single winner for each title
UCI track cycling world championship 2020 odds
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UCI track-cycling world championships 2020 is going to take place in Berlin, Germany this year. Track cycling is less popular than tour cycling when it comes to betting. Tour cycling’s outcomes are easier to predict since a bookie can follow and analyze the cycling tournaments to the actual final game. Track cycling is more entertaining and easier to follow and is a popular format in the Olympics. However, betting on track cycling is still possible. You can see UCI track cycling world championship 2020 odds from Unibet in order to get an idea.

Union Cycliste Internationale holds two types of cycling tournaments worldwide- track cycling and tour cycling. Some of the biggest tour cycling events include Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and Tour of Flanders. These are tournaments with over 200-kilometer route and test cyclists’ endurance. Some of the biggest track-cycling events include the World Championship, World Champion Cups and Olympic games.

What is the track cycling World Championship?

Track cycling World Championship is a five-day event where the world’s best cyclists compete for 20 titles. All of the tournaments take place in a loop vendor and usually, there are several sessions in one day. Because of this structure, professional cyclists and fans are not really keen on track cycling. It tests the cyclists’ pure speed instead of endurance and usually organized in a way to entertain the crowd. Olympic cycling is seemingly the biggest tournament of the track-cycling. Since the whole games take place in only two weeks, entertainment is more important for them.

Every year the championship games are allocated to different countries. UCI has been holding the World Championship since 1893, but it was separate for amateurs and professionals for a decade. The event has been held annually since then, except for during the  World Wars. The organizing country takes control of the organization of the event while keeping to the UCI’s guidelines. This year, it’s going to take place in Berlin, Germany in the Velodram from 26 February till 1 March.

All of the 20 champions get a rainbow jersey along with their gold medal. They can wear the jersey until the next year’s championship and former champions have a rainbow-colored handcuff on their original jersey. Last year Netherland led the championships with 6 gold, 4 silver and 1 bronze medal totaling in 11, followed by Australia.

Netherland most likely to keep their team championship this year too, according to UCI track cycling 2020 championship odds

According to the UCI track, cycling 2020 championship odds drawn by  Unibet based on the season performance and World cup’s results, Netherlands is likely to go for another win this year. Dutch riders have been winning medals every single year ever since the start of the championship. They have the third-most medal just after France and Great Britain. Online betting sites in Germany are sure that with an as powerful as, if not better roster than last year, they have pretty good odds of defending their title.

Last year’s points race champion Jan-Willem van Schip has proved that he’s in his best form in the World Cup. After coming at second place in the scratch race, he has managed to get to the top of tempo and elimination race, winning the Men’s Omnium. He has been on the finals of the World Championship in the men’s points race for three years now. In 2018, he got the silver coming after Cameron Meyer from Australia.

Former BMX-cyclist Harrie Lavreysen is competing to keep his rainbow jersey this year too. After abandoning BMX due to shoulder injury, Lavreysen has managed to climb to the top of the track cycling in less than five years. He has won two World Championships and with his amazing performance in the World Cup, he’s qualified for the Olympic Games 2020. Since it’s an Olympic year, we can expect the top form and performance from him in the championship.

With these two stars in the men’s points race and sprinting along with other Matthijs Buchli, Jeffrey Hoogland from the men’s team and former Olympians Kristen Wild and Amy Pieters, Netherlands have the best UCI track cycling 2020 championship odds.

Australia seeking to claim the top spot again after almost a decade

UCI track cycling world championship 2020 odds
Nathan Hart – Image source: Nicola, Wikimedia Commons, CC-by-sa 4.0 / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

In 2012, the Australian team won the largest number of medals in the World Championship held in their home country. Since then, the cyclists have been showing great performance individually, but the team is yet to be at the top again. However, UCI track cycling world championship 2020 odds are favoring Australia this year. When the Australian cycling association released the roster for the team, it became apparent that they would at least get to the top three. For the men’s sprint team 2019 team sprint champions Stephanie Morton and Kaarle McCulloch, 2018 sprint champion Matthew Glaetzer, former Olympian Nathan Hart were included.

Even though Matthew Glaetzer has been diagnosed with cancer, he has proved that his career is not over yet. After the diagnose, his first tournament was World Cup in Poland. He won a bronze medal in the World Cup and has collected enough points to qualify for the Olympics. If his recovery from the surgery is going well, there’s no doubt that he’s going to help the team result.

Nine-time world champion Cameron Meyer is included in the team too.  He’s also qualified for the Olympics so the Championships would be great preparation for it. The other members in the endurance team include Samuel Welsford, Alexander Porter, Kelland O’Brien, Leigh Howard, and Cameron Scott. The Australian team is known for its female cyclists. Last year, they have dominated the world championships, winning the individual pursuit, team pursuit, team sprint, and points race. They are the second favorite of the UCI track cycling world championship 2020 odds by Unibet.

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