Underground Sports Betting in Singapore

Being caned for sports bookmaking in Singapore is nothing new and in full compliance with Sharia law.

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The Singaporean gambling laws are quite restrictive when it comes to gambling, either casino playing or betting on sports. This goes in line with country’s Muslim heritage.

Sports betting in Singapore is available under very specific conditions and most punters can’t bet. In effect, online sportsbooks in Singapore aren’t licensed to operate and bettors visit offshore sites or… go to bet underground as is usually the case at places where a sports aficionado is barred from living his or her passion.

There are multiple illegal bookmakers running operations in Singapore. These houses employ hundreds of runners who take illegal bets. Most of these hang out at public places pretending to watch the games, but are really accepting wagers.

All despite the punishment enforced for such transgressions of the law, which include jail and caning. Yes, once caught, the runner will see his buttocks beat until they bleed. This, in fact, makes many prisoners unable to sit on their backs while in jail. As many say: no pain, no gain.

No one has ever heard of any success the Singaporean football team accomplished. With all due respect to this prosperous nation, there is none. Singapore is ranked by FIFA as no. 157. It still beats some other Muslim nations such as Pakistan which is ranked as no. 181 despite having a quickly growing population, now at 175 million.

Yet, Singaporeans love to bet on football and Euro 2012 Championships bring massive business. While punters can win, there is a funny thing that happens with their money before the matches take place.

The money goes to fix football games all over the world. As suspected, even Italian Serie A, one of the top football leagues in the world, has been affected by money coming from Asia-Pacific region, including Singapore. No caning with a bamboo will stop the hyenas from ruining the sport.

Ways to affect the outcomes are many such as buying a referee or paying the players. For those disgusted with this barbarian practice, and unable to bet online, we suggest you go to play some online bingo in Singapore. Less intimidating. Plus you may make the international news as the first person caned in Singapore for playing bingo.

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