Unibet Not Accepting Any More Players from Russia


Posted: April 22, 2014

Updated: October 4, 2017

Online sportsbook Unibet has notified its partners and customers that the company is temporarily closing registrations from Russia.

Last week, the online betting operator sent out a press release to inform customers and partners that it will not be accepting new users on their online gambling sites in Russia, Unibet and Maria.

Existing customers will not be affected and will continue to have access to Unibet’s online and mobile betting services, but the new measures are in place and the company’s websites will not be accepting more customers from Russia.

Temporarily closed

Unibet has not offered a reason for this decision, but the Russian gambling market is definitely not a friendly one. Foreign websites are not completely forbidden under the current Russian gambling laws, but the government has moved to block some of them, promoting state run lotteries and sportsbooks instead. The company called the decision “temporary”, adding that it will inform customers if anything changes.

The affiliates program will not be affected, as all Russian-language banners and links will continue to redirect customers to Unibet’s Russian website. Russian partners with international traffic will be accepted in the affiliates program.

The new policy does not extend to other Russian-speaking countries, so players living outside of Russia have nothing to worry about.

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