United We Stand: Legalization of Online Casinos in the USA

A Nevada Senator advised land-based casino operators in USA to form a united front for online gambling legalization.

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The never-ending saga of altering the American gambling laws to allow online gambling in the country captivates the hearts and minds of not only industry players and ordinary gamblers. Lawmakers responsible for the necessary change are also highly involved in the matter and usually have a lot to share on the subject.

San Francisco recently held the Global iGaming Summit & Expo, where Mark Amodei – US Congressman and Nevada Senator, revealed his views on the matter. The Senator praised a strong and highly protective regulatory structure currently observed at land-based destination and suggested the same for online casinos in United States.

The current land-based gambling business enjoys a solid reputation based on years of experience and financial results replenishing government’s coffers. On the topic of online gambling Amodei urged land-based casino executives to join forces in the fight for legal online gambling. In his view only together can they achieve the regulation and operation system for online gambling of their choosing.

United States gambling news quotes Mark Amodei: “….if you continue to do nothing about e-gaming regulation then you play into the hands of those who oppose you. You have set the groundwork to finish this up – the only challenge is to resolve the issue amongst yourselves. The bill that will pass is what you folks can come together on.”

In case land-based casinos unite in favor of online gaming, it would be much easier to implement legal and properly governed online gambling industry in the course of just one year. He stressed that he is supporting a federal approach to legalization, as opposed to each individual state coming up with their own set of laws.

Amodei added: “Moving online is a gamble and you can win big, but individual state attempts to bring in online gaming could lead to state laws that don’t live up to a federal level.”

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