Upcoming UFC Betting Predictions You Can Bet On

  • Arguably the biggest star in the UFC
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Upcoming UFC Betting Predictions
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As the UFC is organizing events every week, so many fights and stories unfold. Those unfolding stories produce even more storylines and anticipated events. Not only can you bet on fights that are going to happen, but you can also place bets on predictions. As the lightweight divisions have the biggest stars in the UFC now, most of the upcoming UFC betting predictions involve fighters in this weight class.

Khabib Nurmagomedov is the Hottest Star in the UFC

After winning against Conor McGregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov star power has skyrocketed. He is arguably the face of the UFC and you cannot have a conversation about the UFC without mentioning the lightweight champion. Khabib is known for his outstanding wrestling abilities and smashing his opponents in the cage. Currently, he is one of the very few fighters who have a clean undefeated record with the last win against former interim champion Dustin Poirier. Since his last fight in late 2019, UFC fans have been speculating and eager to see the undefeated champion again. Also, all media outlets have been predicting the future of The Eagle. For instance, online sportsbook sites in the US offer some upcoming UFC betting predictions that involve Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Nurmagomedov announced that he will return sometime during the summer to defend his title. Who will he defend it against? No official announcement has been made yet. However, all indications point to Justin Gaethje after his impressive win to capture the interim title against Tony Ferguson. Is the fight going to happen in 2021? The betting odds that this fight will happen in 2020 on 1xBet are 1.45, while the odds of this fight not happening this year are 2.55. After the announcement of Khabib’s desire to return in the summer, it is more likely that this fight will happen in 2020.

Since Nurmagomedov has a perfect record with 28 wins and 0 losses, he has very little to prove. He has been constantly talking about retirement in the near future after a couple or three more fights. Betting odds that he will retire by the end of 2021 are 2.5 while odds that he will continue fighting after 2021 are 1.5. Do you think he will retire or not? Go to 1xBetand place your bet.

Conor McGregor is Always in the Mix of Upcoming UFC Betting Predictions

After the infamous fight between Khabib and McGregor in 2018, the two have been exchanging threats online. Also, it seems that the UFC is willing to book a rematch between two of their biggest stars to settle who is the best once and for all. Betting odds that a fight between Conor and Khabib will happen in 2020 are 3.98 while odds of no fight happening between them in 2020 are 1.25. However, the lightweight division is stacked with stars other than Conor and Khabib, so there are other upcoming UFC betting predictions involving Conor and other stars.

Upcoming UFC Betting Predictions
McGregor in 2015 – Image source: Flickr

On 1xBet, upcoming UFC betting predictions include a match between Conor and current interim champion Justin Gaethje. The odds of this fight happening in 2020 are 2.5, but odds that this fight is not happening are 1.5. Do you think Gaethje will fight Conor or Khabib in 2020?

The Most Anticipated Fight in the Lightweight Division

One of the most anticipated fights in UFC history is Khabib vs Tony Ferguson. Many people believe that Ferguson has the skillset to defeat the undefeated champion. Unfortunately, the fight has been scheduled five different times before but got canceled on all five occasions. This has led many people to believe that the fight is cursed and will never happen. Even UFC president, Dana White, stated that he might not reschedule the fight when it got canceled the fourth time. Yet, he organized it for the fifth time, and it got canceled again. So, do you think Dana will announce the sixth attempt to make this fight happen? One of the upcoming UFC betting predictions on 1xBet includes Dana white announcing a fight between the two. The betting odds that he will announce an attempt to organize this fight are 3.2 while the odds for not announcing anything are 1.3.

Other betting predictions is whether the fight between the two will happen or not. Odds in favor of the fight happening are 5.5 while odds that the fight will never happen are 1.13. Finally, you can bet on when this fight is going to happen. Odds that it will happen in 2020 are 10 while no fight to take place in 2020 are 1.05.

Where will the Events Take Place? – Upcoming UFC Betting Predictions?

The final category in the upcoming UFC betting predictions is the location where some of the events are planned to take place. For instance, you can bet on whether a UFC tournament or event will take place in Belarus. Betting odds that an event will take place in that country are 4.5 while odds of no event to occur there are 1.18. Finally, the UFC announced that fights and events will be organized on a private island. If you think that an event will occur there in 2020, go to 1xBet and place your bet as odds are 1.15. On the other hand, if you believe that no fights will happen there in 2020, then your odds are 5.5.

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