US Supreme Court Hears the New Jersey Sports Betting Case

US Supreme Court Hears the New Jersey Sports Betting Case

The fight for justice is shaping up to become a reality! After an hour long hearing, nine judges of the US Supreme Court have taken some kind of a stance in the New Jersey sports betting case.

The main arguments were made by Governor Chris Christie versus major sports leagues such as the NHL, NFL and NCAA on December 4, 2017. According to US online gambling news, the gavel will be banged to rule the New Jersey sports betting case around spring or summer 2018. With the New Jersey Governor appealing for the legalization of sports betting in US, most of the judges were tipping in favor of him. You have to know the whole story before understanding the judges’ rationale, read here to find out what this sports betting case is based on.

In New Jersey’s Favor

Five of the nine justices including John Roberts, Anthony Kennedy, Neil Gorsuch, Samuel Alito and Stephen Breyer agreed that the 1992 PASPA, a part of US gambling laws, is violating states’ rights. Essentially, it goes against every fiber of the US Constitution.

Justice Breyer said it best “There is no federal policy against authorizing sports gambling, but for a federal policy that says, a state can’t authorize sports gambling. The subject matter of the law is the state, telling states what to do, and therefore, it falls within commandeering.”

Who Stands Against the New Jersey Sports Betting Case?

On the other hand, Justices Elena Kagan, Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg were the only three judges to support the sports leagues’ argument. PASPA should be considered as straightforward preemption law. Now, which argument is more valid to you?

One thing is for certain. More than half of the judges are tipping in favor of New Jersey’s argument. Winning the New Jersey sports betting case could mean the abolition of PASPA and make sports betting legal in the US!

Investments Pouring In As Expected

After learning about the results of the Supreme Court hearing on New Jersey sports betting case, many new gambling investment plans including on land and online sports betting in US are popping up. The entrepreneurs are acting as fast as lightning to grab this opportunity.

Monmouth Park, a horse racing track in Oceanport, plans to go into a 1 million dollar partnership with British bookmaker William Hill. The vision is to build a sports betting lounge as big as the one Vegas. In Atlantic City, a sportsbook construction worth 7 million dollars will soon take place at the Borgata Casino. These are just a few examples; many more investments are expected to follow.

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