Using Union Pay Poker Online Gets Even Easier To Access

Chinese UnionPay

Facilitating Union Pay poker online has blossomed across Asia with millions using the system to get the best experience possible on the internet, and despite concerns about the state’s prying eyes the best card game in town is now just a click away all thanks to the Chinese.

China UnionPay

  • Biggest in the world
  • Founded in 2002
  • Based in Shanghai
  • Public owned

The modern era has brought about a revolution in technology that has both endangered us all from the possible nightmares of AI development or Cascade Failure and improved our lives in ways as yet immeasurable, shrinking our planet and allowing interaction between diverse people’s across the globe. This has led to a boom in the entertainment and commerce sectors with market sizes ballooning and using Union Pay for poker online is only one manifestation of this interconnection in action.

Using Union Pay poker online has become accessed by even increasing numbers of gamblers across Asia, a service that provides both security and functionality across a wide spectrum of payments beyond those at sites facilitating their favorite gambling pleasures it has struck a chord with a vast number of the online denizens that now need payments without borders, as it were, and that applies as much to online shopahollics as it does to those that like to bet on sports in China, Japan or Vietnam.

Of course there are draw backs to a system whose full name is China UnionPay, like the Chinese authorities knowing precisely where you’re spending your money, but for many across Asia that is a small price to pay for being able to use Union Pay at poker online sites. After all, it’s the biggest card payment organization in the world and whilst Chinese gambling laws mean that Chinese citizens might have cause to pause before login onto their favorite poker site, the rest of Asia has few such qualms.

Gambling laws in China

Chinese laws prohibit nearly all forms of gambling (photo:

With Union Pay poker online may have become easier to access but this is hardly the organization’s first brush with the gambling industry, a 2014 report muttering things about how they’d assisted in the flight of capital from China proper by using what are termed “storefront” operations in the then poorly regulated but still infamous gambling capital of the world, Macau. Naturally its size and success insulated it from the worst that could have wrought, but it perhaps isn’t quite out of the woods yet.

Xi Jinping has continued to wage his war on corruption in China with varying degrees of success however it the knock on effect on Chinese gamblers has been immense with junket operators vanishing and access to Macau limited, and despite the plethora of planned resorts around the Pacific to cash in on this for a while yet it could be Union Pay at Poker sites, akin to our own Bet365, that provides the best and easiest access for gamblers in the region. You just have to be careful where you got the money you’re gambling.

No one in China gambling news of their suddenly wagering billions using Union Pay at poker online sites will not reach the relevant authorities is probably deserving of some time in a re-education camp, but if one is merely wagering the odd bit here and there over some cards online it is unlikely the jackboots of the Chinese police will be battering down your door anytime soon which means that just for once the modern era has thrown up something useful, and it may start to catch on here too soon.

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