Wagering Requirement Explained: All You Need To Know


Posted: June 5, 2020

Updated: June 5, 2020

  • There is a special kind of bonus in online casinos that you need to wager before withdrawing.
  • In this article, you will have all the wagering requirement explained.

A wager is a gambling term that indicates the number of bets necessary to win to cash out a free bonus. Often, it means any type of bonus that you need to wager before withdrawing. In this article, we will talk about the types of wagers, how they are credited, won back, and cashed out. Thus, you will have the wagering requirement explained. We will also talk about violations that can lead to the cancellation of the bonus. Thus, you will not accidentally lose the privileges received.

Please note that the winnings obtained after wagering are real money that the player can withdraw or spend at any of the online casinos in the USA at one’s discretion. They are not subject to any restrictions on use. Therefore, carefully read our article and get ready to wager!

What is a casino wager?

A wager in a casino is a bonus that encourages the game and activates the process, which helps new players to get used to a gambling platform. Similar conditions exist in all online casinos in the USA offering bonuses. This is an integral part of the Loyalty Program. It is a reward for the player in appreciation that one chooses a particular casino. At the same time, this is a way to engage visitors so that they do not just take away “free” money, but use the services of a gambling site.

wagering requirement explained
To wager or not to wager?

Wagers appeared at the dawn of the development of online gambling. They became a necessary measure against players who were aimed not at the game itself, but easy money. Those customers took away the bonus without playing while causing losses to the casino. To protect themselves, the sites began to form conditions that would be beneficial to both parties.

Since then, a unified system for calculating wager rates has been developed. Usually, it is calculated using a simple formula:

Wager bet size = bonus amount * wagering coefficient

The wagering coefficient is indicated in the format x40, x50, x60, and so on. However, x40 is the most common wager ratio. This coefficient means that the amount received should be wagered 40 times. For example, if you received $ 100 as a promotion, you need to place bets in the amount of $100×40 = $ 4000. Wagering requirement explained – it is easier than you might have expected. Therefore, carefully read the bonus policies of the gambling platform and start wagering!

Wagering requirement explained: Other conditions

Due to the variety of tricks on the part of Bonus Hunters who seek not to play, but to withdraw money from the casino, in addition to the wagering coefficient, there may be other conditions. The most common are:

  • You should wager the bonus for a certain time. For example, 12 hours, a day, 3 days, and so on.
  • Maximum bid limits apply. This is done so that the player does not spend the bankroll too quickly.
  • There are restrictions on certain games. They may be in the form of a ban or a limit on the amount of wagering. For example, most casinos do not allow to recoup in video poker, roulette, Slots with a Progressive Jackpot.

The casino always checks the wagering conditions when they are fulfilled, without interfering in the game process. And if as a result a violation of the conditions is noticed, the winnings can be canceled or reduced. Remember some casinos may impose a wager, not on the given bonus, but the amount of bonus plus a deposit. This means that you will have to win back twice the larger amount. Therefore, it is much more difficult and takes longer. Not to encounter a similar situation, you need to carefully read the conditions. And if they are not clearly stated, it is worth contacting the support service for exact explanations. Bovada Casino provides all the necessary information for its customers so you don’t need to worry about anything

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How to play a wager?

The most important thing is to choose the right games for wagering, having previously excluded from the list all those that this site prohibits. Also, you won’t be able to win back in games with wagering at a reduced interest rate. Therefore, you should also exclude them. The best option for the game is classic slots with an RTP size above 97%. Why? Because after each round of wagering you will have 97% of the casino bonus issued on your hands.

However, to achieve just such an indicator, you need to make small bets to stretch the game to hundreds of spins. Only in this case, the RTP will come closer to the rate indicated by the developer. Trying to quickly win back with large bets approaching the maximum limit, you can get on the black line and quickly merge the bonus bankroll. In this case, there will simply be nothing to win back.

If receiving additional winnings is not your goal, you do not need to wager. In this case, just do not pay attention to the bonus money, they will be canceled after the wagering time has passed. We also clarify that it is impossible to collect the bonus partially or completely without observing the conditions of wagering. And even if you partially meet the conditions, the bonus will be reset to zero. Thus, the amount is available for withdrawal only after the exact fulfillment of all casino conditions.

Please note that usually bonus funds are activated when you spend real money. And in this case, playing on a deposit to complete all 40 circles, it is important to ensure that the balance is above zero. Now you have the wagering requirement explained so you are ready for a pleasant gambling experience in the Bovada Casino!

You can discover more about Bovada Casino here.

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