Want to Bet on the 2017 World Series in Canada? Here’s How You Can

Bet on the 2017 World Series in Canada

If you’re looking to bet on the 2017 World Series in Canada online, head to Bet365 Sportsbook where you’ll find the best odds on each team competing!


With the 2017 MLB playoffs now set to begin in just a few short days, many baseball fans around the world are beginning to predict which team will end up as the season champion. Those in Canada interested in placing a bet on this year’s outright winner have some fantastic opportunities to cash out with one of the best sports betting sites in the world. Let’s take a look at a few teams who are currently favored to win it all.


Bet on the LA Dodgers in Canada

We at GamingZion have been covering the 2017 World Series favorites for a while now, and the LA Dodgers remain at the top of the odds according to almost all online sportsbooks in Canada. They still possess the best record in the MLB this season and hold arguably the best roster in their entire time as a pro team.


2017 World Series winner odds

  • LA Dodgers: 13/4
  • Cleveland Indians: 7/2
  • Houston Astros: 5/1
  • Washington Nationals: 7/1
  • Chicago Cubs: 15/2

The Dodgers’ entry into the playoffs is now assured, and many baseball betting experts feel this is the year they earn the World Series trophy. They were the first team in the regular season to hit 100 wins and if they can carry over that success into the playoffs they seem destined to go all the way.


At the moment, the Dodgers’ odds to win the 2017 World Series are set at 13/4. Their momentum is sure to carry them far and only a few teams exist right now that analysts feel have a real shot at defeating them.


Bet on the Cleveland Indians in Canada

Over in the American League, the Cleveland Indians have established themselves as one of the safest options to bet on the 2017 World Series in Canada. They too earned 100 wins thus far in the regular season and have recorded wins over some of the best teams in the entire league.

The key to success for Cleveland (and most teams nowadays) has been their pitching game. Corey Kluber is obviously at the forefront of this, yet the team possesses a number of solid backups while Kluber sits out. Big hitters like Edwin Encarnacion have been instrumental in the team earning runs.


There’s no doubt the Indians will be a tough team to beat in the playoffs this year, and Bet365 Sportsbook is giving them some tremendous odds to earn their first World Series win since 1948 at 7/2.


Bet on the Houston Astros in Canada

The last option we’ll look at to bet on the 2017 World Series in Canada this year are the Houston Astros. Somewhat flying under the radar for much of the season, Houston has truly established itself as one of the best teams in pro baseball right now with an impressive 99-60 record during the regular season.


Eerily, it’s beginning to look like Sports Illustrated’s 2014 prediction that the Astros would win a World Series this year is beginning to look like it could come true. They got off to an unprecedented start this year considering their hiccups over the past several seasons, and now have the opportunity to earn the first championship in their history.


The Astros’ odds to make Canadian gambling news
with the 2017 World Series win are currently set at 5/1.


Are you planning to bet on the 2017 World Series in Canada? Which team do you think earns the trophy? Tell us what you think in the comment section below and head to Bet365 Sportsbook to find a complete list of 2017 playoff MLB odds!

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