Warcraft III Betting Guide: Everything You Need To Know


Posted: January 20, 2022

Updated: January 20, 2022

  • Warcraft III as a modern esport
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  • Warcraft III Betting Guide

Blizzard Entertainment’s Warcraft III was released in 2002. But even twenty years later, it is still popping up on the list of online sportsbook sites in the USThe competitive scene is active and thriving, led by a community of loyal fans. While the game is unsupported by Blizzard Entertainment yet, the statistics of the game’s popularity are outstanding. Because of this, it is not unlikely that we will see official tournaments soon. These community events are hosted in the same fashion as the highest professional esport scenes. If you want to learn more, check out this Warcraft III Betting Guide.

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Warcraft III Betting Guide: Available Tournaments

Every year brings a dozen of Wacraft 3 Tournaments. The list of official tournaments can be found on most esports lists. According to the three-tier list of Liquipedia’s database, the biggest tournament is the DreamHack Warcraft III tournament. Followed by the NeXT. The latest two main tournaments to bet on, are the W3Champions, the currently biggest tournament one can participate in. Supported and followed by the most loyal fanbase of the game, Back2Warcraft. You can find wagers and odds on any of these tournaments by visiting any major sportsbook. You will find wagers both made by bookies or coming up as custom requests.

Which Players To Bet On?

According to the database of Esports Earnings, we can see the list of most successful players in this genre. In this Warcraft III Betting Guide, we are going to highlight some of them. If you think we missed a few players, that’s because they are not running in any of the currently trending Warcraft Championships, or they might have retired/taken a break from the competitive scene. The best player to place bets on is Jang “Moon” Hae.

Moon is the top-earning pro player in this game. He is playing Night Elf, and according to his interview with Invenglobal, he returned to the Warcraft 3 competitive scene after finishing his military service. Another outstanding player is the Swedish Night Elf player MaDFroG. Currently, he is starring as a professional StarCraft player. And finally, the currently most popular Warcraft III esport player is Foggy.  

The Types of Warcraft III Betting

There are several different types of betting when it comes to esport games. Because it is only slightly different from your usual retail sports betting. This Warcraft III betting guide is written for you. So you can understand how to place bets on your favorite game. If you can not find any of these betting types at certain sportsbooks, then you will run into them at another. As it is the bookies who decide what types of wagers are they willing to put on some of these tournaments. The odds are similar to other esports betting types. The types are the following:

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  • Outright: You decide who will win a certain match of the whole tournament.
  • First Blood: You decide who will receive the first kill, or how fast (under/above minutes)
  • Length: You decide how long a certain match will take (under/above minutes)
  • Win-Streak: You wager how many matches a player will win before losing
  • Special Odds: Usually custom, such as “Will Night Elf or Undead Win this year?”

Odds Explained

There are two types of odds you are going to meet, and it is different on most sportsbooks. The bookies will offer a certain number on each item on the available selection. You either see the more simple format. (+200/-200). If you see a positive number (+ x) that means, you have to put up $100 to win x amount of money.

If you see a negative, like “-x”. That means you have to put up that much, to win $100. The other type of odds is the multipliers. If you see “Player name: 1.45” that means if your bet won, then you will receive your money back + 45% of it. If the odds are 2.00, that means you get your initially placed money back. Plus that much amount again. For example, if you placed 100 on a 2.00 odds, then you will win 200, which includes the 100 you wagered.

Warcraft III Betting Guide

The best way to increase your winning chances at betting is to familiarize yourself with the pliers and the meta strategies of the game. In this Warcraft III Betting Guide, we are going to give you a rundown of the strongest meta at the given time in early 2022. Other than that, to understand the pro players and their playstyle, we recommend that you follow their Twitch Streams, to see which strategies they are practicing.

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Assuming most people are interested in betting on Warcraft 3, understand the very basics of Warcraft 3 units, thus let’s collect the best modern meta, according to the information of Warcraft 3.Info

  1. Demon Hunter – Night Elf
  2. Necromancer + Cleave for Pit Lord – Undead
  3. Crypt Lord – Undead
  4. Far Seer to counter Death Knight – Orc

Where Can You Bet? – Warcraft III Betting Guide

Reaching the end of our Warcraft III Betting Guide. The most recommended websites to bet on are based on region. Our top recommendation is theBet365 Sportsbook. They follow every single Warcraft 3 event, such as the Rejuvenation Cup or the WC3 Champions. But if Bet365 is unavailable in your region, then we also recommend Bovada Sportsbook. They are available in most states of the US. Both of these Sportsbooks are offering several bonuses and they are also hosting promotions for you to enjoy. Our website collected these bonuses and promotions for you to redeem anytime. Enjoy betting on your favorite old-school video game. Because your bet contributes to the community effort. Do not forget to always be gambling aware, and play with responsibility.

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