Warped Police Search On Gamesoft Premises Gets Twittered

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The mishap occurred when police, tipped off by Gamesoft’s neighbors, invaded the site to investigate alleged illegal online gambling activities.

The law enforcement officers were following up on hearsay that the Gamesoft branch based in Yogyakarta, was an illegal online gambling site in Indonesia.

The developers reported that plainclothes officers inflicted harm on a staff member as they tried to fight their way into the well-guarded premises. When a warrant was demanded, the officers left and came back with uniform-touting policemen.

A thorough search was carried out, and specific enquires was made on what kind of gifts were being offered to winners of the games made by Gamesoft. The business turned out to be squeaky clean and it had not infringed on Indonesian gambling laws. Their only crime was making legitimate and attractive online gaming software.

Irate Gamesoft employees however did not let it go there. They denounced police brutality in the investigations, making it known to the world on Twitter.

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