Weird Online Poker Superstitions and What Lies Behind Them

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  • Everyone has a talisman; it is not just one of the weird online poker superstitions!
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Weird Online Poker Superstitions

We had a previous article about the Common Superstitions in Online Roulette, now we want to introduce some more about the game poker. The point of this casino game is to do not trust our partners, so no wonder a couple of weird online poker superstitions were born that could make us smile today!

Getting Lucky the Night Before the Online Poker Tournament

As you may know, football coaches do not allow players to have sex before a big game. They believe that it takes the edge off. However, in the game poker, it is the exact opposite. You can have an important tournament online or in a land-based casino, players swear that having sex the night before will improve their play.

Of course, it is an unfounded superstition, just like the others. However, it is a very clever excuse for men if a woman has a headache. This superstition is one of the most common ones because even if you do not win at the table, you will at least leave as a winner. Or if you play from your bed at the online casino sites in the USA, you can also get lucky while playing.

Do you believe in these weird online poker superstitions?

Weird Online Poker Superstitions
Do you believe in these?

Does the Lucky Cigarette Also Work Online?

Huge poker fans may know the name Sam Fahra. It is easy to spot him at a poker table because he is wearing designer clothes and gold chains. Sam always holds an unlit cigarette in his mouth, and what makes the story even funnier is that he was a non-smoker, but he swears it got him on several tournaments.

Poker players with cigarettes in their mouths are iconic. Smoke was part of the casinos back then, and every film was about smoking poker players who are the most attractive men on Earth. Now on the online casino sites in the USA, it is unnecessary to smoke while playing. However, many believe that if they do the same thing as in the classic casinos, they will win.

It is no surprise, that smoking while playing becomes one of the weird online poker superstitions.

If you want to try this trick, you must check the tournaments on the Bovada casino site!

Cross Your Fingers, Not Your Legs While Playing Online Poker!

Crossing your legs is one of the most feminine characteristics, however, in today’s world, men are also starting to adopt this habit. But not the poker players! Due to some weird online poker superstitions, crossed legs are bringing bad luck because you may cross out of luck!

Weird Online Poker Superstitions

While you are playing online poker it is not a hard challenge to not cross your legs. You just need to lie in bed and enjoy the comfort of your home. It is not important to sit back straight in a casino nicely dressed, you can lie wherever you want in whatever you want to wear. You only have to focus on the poker tournament and you do not have to worry about your legs crossed!

Sitting cross-legged will cross out luck while crossing your fingers will bring luck. However, crossing your eyes will make it hard to see the cards!

Talismans are Just Weird Online Poker Superstitions!

Almost everyone has a lucky item, a charm, what they carry to the exams, and important events. Even poker players bring charms to the table, often a card protector like a lucky coin or a rabbit’s foot. One of the most famous lucky items is the $5 rock of Doyle Brunson. He called it Casper because of its Ghostbusters logo.

As you can see, even in a game where skill determines winners, many of the most well-known players carry lucky charms. However, talismans are not only for land-based casinos, but they are weird online poker superstitions as well!

The funniest online poker superstition!

Although there are many superstitious poker players, some are specifically against the weird online poker superstitions! These players believe that superstitions bring bad luck, but this is what makes them superstitious. So the best way not to be afraid of bad luck is to be afraid of bad luck?

People believe that if they do not believe in the events and objects that bring (bad) luck, they will be lucky. They do not believe in superstitions, for if they believed in them, they would be unlucky. So these players are superstitious too in the weirdest way.

Dirty is the new clean!

Many poker players think that dirty clothes cleanse them of bad luck. Of course, that does not mean successful poker players do not bathe. Some always wear the same t-shirt or underwear, but only during tournaments. These are also kind of lucky items.

Luckily if you are at home, not many people smell you after the fourth tournament. This is one of the biggest advantages of online poker games. You do not sniff others and others do not sniff you either. Unfortunately, the situation is different in a land-based casino.

In any case, everyone would be happy if it remained just in online poker!

What do you think about these weird online poker superstitions? If you are interested in the Weirdest Gambling Superstitions, you must read this article!

Nonetheless, the best way to avoid bad luck is to stick to reputable casinos. You can discover them by following this link to the online casino sites in the USA!

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