Westwood and Clarke Place Special Wager on Majors

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Lee Westwood and Darren Clarke are having a little wager of their own during this year’s Majors.

All eyes are on the 2014 Masters Tournament this weekend, taking place at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia. This year’s competition is going to be a challenge for gamblers who like to bet on sports in the US too, as experts estimate there are around 70 players who really have what it takes to win the prize.

Sports fans around the world are placing their best bets via online and mobile betting sites, but they’re not the only ones enjoying the occasional wager. Players Lee Westwood and Darren Clarke are betting on the total scores on the par-three holes, for the season’s first three Majors. The winner gets to pick out a jarring outfit for the loser to wear during the first round of the US PGA Championship held this August.

The big par-three bet

Prizes include a GBP 10,000 cheque offered by Dunlop for charitable purposes, a GBP 250 birdie bonus and a GBP 10,000 prize for the player who makes a hole in one.

“We often have a little wager when we play together socially but this cranks it up a notch,” Westwood told reporters. “Par-threes can be where a championship is won or lost so if the threat of having Darren as my stylist helps the focus slightly then I’m all for it.”

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