What If Messi Left Barcelona at the End of This Season?

Messi Barcelona Transfer Rumours

Messi left Barcelona! Did he? Is he going to? Nobody knows what’s going on. Let’s try to find out what could be in the Argentine crack’s head!

Lionel Messi left Barcelona – that surely will be a big hit at online sportsbook news sites in Spain once it actually happens. As of today, we cannot be sure when that is. However, the rumours about Messi leaving Barca have already started spreading and regarding the current situation, it’s not impossible to imagine him away from the Catalan capital in the near future…

They are doing well enough in the Champions League, they just won their group easily, and they also have a solid advantage in La Liga. However, should the next season come, shall we see Messi in another shirt? We tried to investigate why Messi would leave Barcelona and where he could go next.

Why would Messi leave Barcelona?

Obviously, it would be hard to picture Lionel Messi away from Catalunya in our heads – and that doesn’t mean I’m suggesting you to join online sportsbook sites in Spain and bet on Messi to leave Barcelona for the sake of Espanyol or Girona. Messi grew up in Barcelona, became a professional football player in Barcelona and spent his entire career at Barcelona.

However, things do change and Lionel Messi could be changing as well as football is changing. Messi’s contract at Barcelona is expiring. As things stand today, Messi will be available on a free transfer this summer, unless he renews his contract. But so far, it seems like he’s stalling…

Barca and La Liga Presidents insist on Messi staying…

Official statements regarding the issue don’t help much with the situation either. La Liga President Javier Tebas claims that Messi already signed his new contract with Barcelona. Of course he wouldn’t want to re-live another loss of a great star from the league he manages so passionately. The Neymar-case was enough of a shock to him for good.

In addition, El Mundo Deportivo firmly believes that Barcelona President Josep Maria Bartomeu also assured the same: Lionel Messi has already signed his new contract and they are only waiting for the perfect time for announcement. However, Messi remains silent about the topic: they asked him about it in the European Golden Shoe award earlier this week but the crack remained silent, which gives source to many other conspiracies…

Where else can you imagine Lionel Messi?

Nowhere else? Do you think that Messi left Barcelona is an impossible piece of news and he will retire from the Catalan capital? You can bet on Messi to stay at Barca for 1.05, but the odds for Messi to leave Barcelona are way too tempting, regarding his current contract situation.

Check out the offers in the online sportsbook directory, you won’t be disappointed: the odds for Messi to team up with Neymar once again, are 51.00. But Real Madrid President is also quite ambitious when it comes to purchasing the best players in the world. Messi is definitely one of those. Will Messi join Real Madrid? The odds are also 51.00…

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