What Is A Monkey In Blackjack? – It Is Definitely Not An Insult!


Posted: February 22, 2024

Updated: February 22, 2024

  • How to play blackjack online?
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  • What is a monkey in blackjack?

What is a monkey in blackjack? You might hear several people just telling the dealer: “monkey!” Are they insulting the dealer? Were you ever called a monkey during a one-on-one blackjack? Don’t worry, it isn’t an insult! The history of this word is pretty funny. Join us and learn more about blackjack terminology. Of course, we are also going to guide you through the much more comfortable path of starting your online blackjack career instead of learning lingo for offline play.

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We have heard so many strange things at a casino. But for the love of God, what is a monkey in blackjack? Is this an offensive thing? Maybe a codeword? Is it like UNO? Well, not quite! We are here to explain everything you need to know about the world of blackjack. Perhaps the two biggest gates between poker enjoyers and out-of-casino people are the rules and the lingo. 

When you just thought you understood the rules, just then someone hits you with a weird definition, calling you a shark, or worse a mosquito at the table. Should you just punch them? Well, please do not! And if you feel confused, then take a look at the list of online poker sites in the US. They require no vocal communication at all! And of course, you can also claim amazing promotions to support your play.

So… What Is A Monkey In Blackjack

Don’t worry, no one was insulting you. Nor did they try to redirect a bad word thinking of the first animal upon having a bad beat. Instead, the habit of using this word is much more simple. According to Reddit, people say monkey during blackjack because they want a face card. If you are unfamiliar with face cards, they are basically: “10, Jack, Queen and King.”

Therefore, if you hear someone shouting “Monkey”. We believe that this term in poker is pretty normal, and makes sense. However, it can feel a little intimidating when someone says monkey during Heads Poker. If you ever had an awkward experience during poker, we just recommend you to play at Juicy Stakes instead.

dealer called a monkey in blackjack

No, There Are No Monkeys In The Casino

Now that you understand what a monkey is in blackjack, we have to reassure you. There are no monkeys in the casino. According to BJ21, no one truly knows which year this slang has started to spread. But of course, poker slang is one of the most volatile things in our history. Because there are countless amounts of people visiting the casinos, from different cultural backgrounds. 

A simple thing such as mishearing a word from a different language, to just generally saying something funny can turn things into whole new definitions. However, you do not have to keep up with these. As long as you understand the rules, you can pretty much play blackjack. Someone is going to explain the meaning of slang for you at some point anyway.

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Does It Still Exist? – What Is A Monkey In Blackjack

Yes, it does! Today we are living in a strange time when the general blackjack lingo is getting a little mixed. Old riders are going to use some of the strange lingos. However, those who are meeting blackjack in the online community, are often experts without even hearing some of the definitions. You need to know things such as: When does the dealer stop hitting Blackjack?

Or even the modern basics of understanding the general strategies and counting cards in our heads. However, the lingo is a different thing. For the love of God I personally still can’t figure out what several things might mean while I am playing baccarat. But yes, if you want to use monkey from now on, no one is going to think that you are a boomer for doing so.

how to play blackjack online

The Origin Of Blackjack Monkey

So, why is it a monkey? Where does this word originate from? According to the Casino City Times, the surprising explanation for “monkey” actually stems from Chinese culture. In Europe, royalty like kings and queens graced the monarch’s court. During baccarat games, players would call out for a “monarch card.” However, for someone speaking Mandarin or Cantonese with a strong Chinese accent, saying “monarchy” quickly turns into the sound of “monkey.”

And there you have it, the unexpected origin! Perhaps this is the most accurate explanation because baccarat tables are in the same room as blackjack. Therefore, people can easily exchange this term to use it for a given card. Especially if they are taught by someone who actively uses this lingo.

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Blackjack Lingo – What Is A Monkey In Blackjack

Sometimes it is hard to understand what people say at the table. One of the basic blackjack mistakes you shouldn’t commit is to try to play a game you are fairly unfamiliar with. We have decided to give you a list of strange terms you might hear while playing blackjack. Monkey is just one of the many strange things people use to refer to things they could describe in much easier ways:

  • Split: Separate a pair into two hands, doubling your bet.
  • Blackjack: An Ace and a ten-value card (21, instant win).
  • Natural: Another term for Blackjack.
  • Push: You and the dealer tie.
  • Doubling After Split (DAS): Allowed or disallowed rule.
  • House Edge: Casino’s statistical advantage.
  • Bankroll: Money set aside for playing.
  • Deck Penetration: Percentage of cards used before shuffling.
  • Shoe: Holds multiple decks of cards used in a game.
  • Shoe Game: Blackjack played from a shoe.

how to play online blackjack for cash

Where To Play Blackjack Online?

So, what is a monkey in blackjack? Well, in simple terms, it’s just people wanting to get a monarchy card. It is important to understand that using this lingo is not important at all. You will be able to play blackjack without having to use any of these lingo. In-person, the dealer is not going to shoo you away for not calling given cards a monkey.

However, if you are still not comfortable with being a beginner, the best way to mask your lack of lingo is to just not even show up at all! You can play countless amounts of online blackjack games by registering at Juicy Stakes! This is one of the main reasons why we changed from offline to online play at the beginning of 2020. Because it gives us way too many comforts to surrender for a generally okay atmosphere.

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