The Story Of Geri McGee – The Bright And The Dark Side Of Vegas


Posted: February 22, 2024

Updated: February 22, 2024

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The Story of Geri McGee is something that we would find in a movie script. Except, she was a real person, and her personality had a powerful aura about it. Her story of glamor contrasted by shadows represents Las Vegas as a whole. We all hear of The Strip, where we find beautiful women and radiant casinos. But what about the people living under the sewers? Or way too often criminal activities? Let’s take a look at her story together.

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The Story of Geri McGee is one of the most interesting real-life stories from Sin City. The streets of Las Vegas were not always safe. Today, we are going to remember one of the most iconic personalities of Las Vegas. Being a simple human, coming from humble beginnings, she defined the general aesthetics of what Las Vegas offers in terms of atmosphere. However, such a huge role has played in her life as the wife of one of the greatest gambling cheaters in Las Vegas. There was a movie about her life and relationship, but today we are going to summarize everything you need to know. Her story tells of hardships, glamor, luxury, and the dark side of Las Vegas. If you are interested in playing nostalgic casino games, we recommend you register at some of the online casino sites in the US.

Casino (1995) – The Story Of Geri McGee

Let’s start by introducing you to the movie that made her famous. According to All That’s Interesting, her name became well-known after the movie on the true history of Las Vegas. She was remembered, embodied, and acted upon in the movie called Casino (1995). In this movie, we can see her upbringing and downfall. The contrast between her public persona, and her private life as a person who was made into a mess by Las Vegas. However, sometimes humble beginnings do not take one’s cleverness away. Just to date her, Frank Rosenthal had to buy her a full-on diamond bracelet. If you love the Las Vegas showgirl stories, then we recommend you watch the movie. However, if you just want to play games, then instead we recommend playing at VAVE Casino! Vegas showgirls

Who Was Geri McGee?

The story of Geri McGee started small. Known as Geraldine McGee Rosenthal, she was a Las Vegas showgirl. But before any of that, she was just a person from Los Angeles, California. Born on May 16th, 1936 she started her career as a showgirl. She started life in a relatively poor family. According to  Marie Claire, her biggest love in life was glamor and riches. We can see how a hard childhood can leave someone attracted to the riches of Vegas. And of course, the local brokers were all gold mines. Therefore, she started her career as a showgirl, which was probably one of the best moves, as Las Vegas will always need showgirls. And once you grow older? Well, you can easily get a manager position! She was very clever in this decision, and her energy charmed everyone.

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A Life Of Glamour – The Story Of Geri McGee

Being an attractive female at the local Las Vegas hotels is not going to remain unnoticed. Especially back in the days, when most men would return to play, only to be around these beautiful ladies. According to The Mob Museum, she met Frank Rosenthal in one of these casinos. And she caught his attention. Rosenthal was one of the gambling gangsters, mainly concerning himself with cheating games and getting illegal, or at least unethical money. She was showered with attention and had several relations with other businessmen and gangsters. Partially, he knew she couldn’t be his. However, deep down he hoped that one day they could leave it all behind to make a happy family. Well, he was very wrong. Glamour in Las Vegas

Cheating Games

Once the two found love in each other, they had an activity to support what most relationships miss. The thrill and family business came in with cheating games. They were famous for match-fixing. A thing that played an important role in the story of Geri McGee. While he did most of the planning, she made sure to assist in every way possible. And Frank Rosenthal knew the key to winning, satisfying McGee’s needs for money and riches. However, it was not the only cheating game that happened during their relationship. McGee had relationships with several other men. And of course, their relationship became darker and darker with substance abuse and an imbalanced personal life. Eventually, they decided that splitting would be the best for the two of them.

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Divorces And Death – The Story Of Geri McGee

Shortly after the divorce, it seemed that McGee became single, and lived her life to the fullest. She wasn’t in a position where she would have to abandon a casino, nor did she have to worry financially. However, soon after the divorce, she was found dead. One of the 7 nostalgic Las Vegas facts is that during this time, anyone who died was written down as a substance overdose. However, we can not know the truth for sure. Many believe that her death was a foul play. Of course, getting substance into the system after a murder would be extremely easy. At the same time, McGee might have had her demons, and it is easy to imagine that she has run to substance after she realized she missed a good opportunity for a happy family life. We’ll never know. How Geri McGee died?

Where To Play Online Casino Instead?

The story of Geri McGee ended in a dark tone. However, her life of glamor has defined everything we want to see in a movie about Las Vegas. It also raises awareness about the mental health of showgirls in Las Vegas. No matter how pretty and rich someone is, sometimes their life can be harder than you would imagine. One thing is sure: She started as a simple person but became so important that a movie was made about her whole life. This is something that doesn’t happen every day. Just to organically soak into the culture of a whole place makes you the embodiment of the culture. McGee is the embodiment of Las Vegas. Glamour and riches on the outside, but a dark side, not everyone gets to and wants to see. – If you want to play online instead, just register at VAVE Casino.

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