Which Casino Has The Best Pizza? – Las Vegas Pizza Guide


Posted: July 3, 2023

Updated: July 3, 2023

  • The best pizza in Las Vegas
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  • Which casino has the best pizza?

In this article, I am going to debate which casino has the best pizza. This means we are going to talk about the general outline of the pizza places. In conclusion, I highly recommend you to just visit Las Vegas and have fun. Because this list will have you covered for a good pizza tour. However, this list is not exclusive to Las Vegas. As these pizza places are just establishments on The Strip. They all have their home locations that serve ten times better food even.

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It’s time for us to answer everyone’s most important question. Which casino has the best pizza? Pizza is everyone’s favorite food. Often there is no exception and many people have been discovering the art of pizza for centuries now. You can always eat your favorite local pizza as you play at online casino sites in the US. However, if you are visiting Las Vegas it’s important to know where to go.

Who cares about the entry fees and the slot machine edges? What we all truly care about at the end of the day is to have an authentic pizza experience. Are you craving New York-style pizza? Maybe a deep dish or a traditional Italian pizza? The Las Vegas Strip will have everything and I am going to explain each of these places for you.

Secret Pizza – Which Casino Has The Best Pizza?

Let’s start with the kings of all pizza places in Las Vegas. The Secret Pizza is giving us a cheap, typical New York-style pizza in the heart of the Cosmopolitan. As the name suggests, Secret Pizza is in a place where you’d often expect it to be. Reviews all over the internet say that this is THE best pizza place.

According to Reddit, it is fairly good. $7 for a slice is amazing when we get to experience the real pizza taste. If you are going to try Secret Pizza, I promise you will wish to return. Cheesy, seasoned goodness is dripping all over the plate when it arrives. And honestly? It tastes just like any traditional Italian pizza, except it has that loose Las Vegas aesthetic.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

Looking for something like a great holiday with legal online gambling? What else could I offer you other than Grimaldi’s Pizzeria? This amazing place is going to give you the polar opposite of Secret Pizza. While Secret Pizza focuses on the authentic experience of a quick, refreshing slice. Grimaldi gives you the pure Italian experience. Not a single curve on this pizza is even, and it is rich in burn marks.

Much the same way the Neapolitan should be made. I believe this is not the best place when looking for which casino has the best pizza. But generally, this is the closest to the Italian traditions. You don’t have to go to Italy if you already have this pizzeria and Everygame Poker.

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DiFara – Which Casino Has The Best Pizza?

Is it worth saying anything else on this list? DiFara Pizza is probably the pizza place you are looking for. According to New York Times, Di Fara defined what many people call a New York-style pizza. And I know, the phrase “New York Style Pizza” became somewhat of a standard when we speak about this delicious meal. But why is Di Fara the one to go for?

For beginners, it’s a thin, foldable yet still Neapolitan, rich in gentle and subtle green spices. However, when you take a look at the pizza from above, the first thing you remember is a volcano that destroyed a cheese factory. Every corner of the DiFara is perfect and this is probably my top recommendation for you.

Palms – What Kind Of Pizza Do They Have?

The Palms casino has been one of the most questionable gastronomic places. Because its pizza is on the same tier as the US Domino’s pizza. But at the same time, it’s a bit more quality. Imagine if traditional Italian pizza was turned into a mass production. Pretty much that is the pizza you can get at the Palms. I am not recommending it, but if you are around and hungry, then it’s your go-to.

Therefore, I would recommend DiFara, which is worth your holiday destination. For the Palms, it’s about already being in the place. If you are there already, you will not miss that few bucks for that ever-so-thin and gentle slice of pizza. Because sometimes less is more. And in this case? Less became ten times more. 

Allegro – Which Casino Has The Best Pizza?

No, we are not talking about the musical tempo. However, hearing that there is an Allegro nearby will surely make your heart skip a beat. Much like during the 76ers Chick Fil-A Promotion. The Allegro is the pizza place near the Wynn and it’s pretty damn good. It’s a wholesome slice of pizza that’s oily in a good way. This is the type of slice where you bite and you feel the taste of the topping first and not the texture of the dough.

Which alone speaks for itself. When you order a pizza, you get a huge piece of dough with the sauce and cheese perfectly mixing on the top. Once more, it just feels like eating straight out of a lava bucket. It’s highly prestigious and of course, there is a vegan-friendly menu as well. Which makes the Allegro my favorite on the list.

Pizzeria At Circus Circus

Now that we have talked about which casino has the best pizza. Let’s mention Circus Circus. Is this an honorable mention? Not really. There are just so many things in Las Vegas you wish to visit, and in my opinion, Circus Circus is none of them. According to Things to Do in Las Vegas, the specialty of this place is the meatballs on the pizza.

For me, it looks like dog food on top of the dough. Which reminds me of the dough created for children’s birthday parties. The sauce is probably fresh and perfect, but due to the doe, it looks like saturated ketchup. I am not here to discourage you from Circus Circus. But if you are not visiting Las Vegas? You get the same locally while playing at Everygame Poker.

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