Which Lottery is the Best in India?


Posted: July 9, 2020

Updated: July 9, 2020

  • Powerball is the most popular lottery in India
  • Make sure to check the online gambling laws in your region before playing
  • You can play some of the world's biggest lotteries without leaving your home

Lotteries have always been a favorite form of gambling in India. Throughout the years, the number of players and range of the available lotteries have increased significantly. Thanks to the online lottery sites in India, people have an access to not only local lotteries, but also other giants ones in the world. EuroMillions, Powerball, Enalotto- you name it. However, with this many possibilities, the players face a question. Which lottery is the best in India? And where to play them?

Luckily, we can help with that. After doing thorough research, we’ve found out which lottery is best in India and where to play them. According to the Lotteries Regulation Law that came out in 1988, states are allowed to organize their own lotteries. However, these regulations differ state by state, so make sure to check the online gambling laws in India.

1xBET Lottery- Answer to your Question Which Lottery is the Best in India

Even though this list is not written in any order, we’ve saved the first place specifically for 1xBET Lottery. 1xBET Lottery is hitting their tenth anniversary next year, but the popularity has soared rapidly after 2016. In only four years,  their customers have grown significantly, and for a good reason too.

which lottery is the best in india
These are the best sites!

Aside from the big hits like Powerball and MegaMillions, 1xBET Lottery has 24 lotteries in total. You can choose from small daily ones to the weekly ones, it’s all up to you. There’s no need to wonder which lottery is the best India, every one of the lotteries here is good. With over 40 withdrawal and deposit methods, opening an account and start playing cannot be any easier. Not to mention that there’s no withdrawal fee on the site. Check out the review about 1xBET Lottery to know more about the welcome bonus and whether you’re available for it. There’s almost always some kind of promotion going on on the site, so make sure to frequently check them out in order to not miss any good deals.

theLotter- A Place to Go If You want to Play Globally

As the slogan of theLotter says, this is the best site to play it global if you’re wondering which lottery is the best in India. You can play lotteries from the US like MegaMillions or try your luck on Spanish La Primitiva. With lotteries from all over the word, theLotter has the widest range of games. All of them are listed by how close the next draw is, making it easier for the players to choose from.

The site is protected by GeoTrust, one of the most secure programs in the world. Not worrying about your data being leaked while you’re playing is a must in the online lotto sites. All of the sites we’re mentioning has a legal license to run lotteries. However, make sure to read the regulations and laws in your region.

which lottery is the best in india
Which one is your favorite?

Jackpot.com- The One with the Widest Range of Games

Once you get over somehow chaotic user interface of the jackpot.com, the site is a gem. Even though the design of the site is not that ideal for the first-time players, they have the best games. We just can’t leave this one behind when we’re talking about which lottery is the best in India. Aside from the giants, jackpot.com has the most interesting and niche games with almost as big prize as the others. Since there are so many, you can almost always find something to play despite the time and day you’re logging in. They also have slots and scratchcards if you want to kill some time while waiting for your lottery’s results.

Euro Lotto- The best European Lotteries to Play in India

You might be probably already familiar with Euro Lotto since it’s not only one of the most popular online gambling sites in India, but in the world. In Euro Lotto, you’ll get an access to a daily lottery games. Euro Lotto has 6 of the lotteries with the largest number of players. That includes the infamous EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, MegaMillions and Enalotto. People tend to buy tickets for these big hits instead of the local ones because of the better odds and huge prize. For example, hitting a jackpot in EuroMillions can bring you as much as 190.000.000 euros.

Euro Lotto is the easiest and safest way to be part of these lotteries from India. The minimum deposit here is only 2 euros, making the site accessible and affordable for everyone. Also, the new players will receive a full cashback from their first game, so it won’t hurt a bit to try!

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