Still Wondering Which UK Lottery Has the Best Odds? Here Is Our 2020 Guide to UK Lotteries

  • Diversity of in-land and online casinos makes it easier to win the big prizes today
  • Your winning odds vary from one lottery to another depending on what you’re aiming for
which UK lottery has the best odds

Which UK lottery has the best odds has always been the topic of interest of UK gamblers. The lottery itself is what attracts millions of gamblers and the passion for rivalry will always stick them to gambling. Especially, the idea of the possibility to turn penny cash into big money seems very attractive.

However, the lottery does not always consider big prizes only. The variability of in-land and online casinos in the UK, such as theLotter makes it possible to get small trophies as well. And these prizes are obviously much easier to win.

So, the main question here is which lotteries give you higher winning chances and how to choose them to, say, hit jackpot! Well, you can read some gambling books or listen to the experiences shared by the UK Lotto winners. Or you can see read the following information to know the odds every UK Lottery game has.

Get 12 Additional Tries to Win With Euromillions

Euromillions is one of the favorites and most played types of online lottery in the UK. So, what should you do to hit the jackpot? All you need to do is to pick five numbers in the range 1-50. You additionally have to choose two Lucky Star numbers in the range 1-12. In general, your chances to get the jackpot with a single ticket is 1 in 139,838,160.

which UK lottery has the best odds
Which one will you go for?

Despite this, you will still have 12 additional tries to win from matching five numbers and one Lucky Star number.

Play Lotto Every Saturday and Wednesday and Win Big!

Another famous UK Lottery that appeals to many gamblers is Lotto.

Draw is happening every Saturday and Wednesday. To win Lotto, you need to select six numbers from 59 pool. You win the prize if you match at least two numbers. And if you manage to match all six numbers you hit the jackpot!

The odds to hit the jackpot are 1 in 45,057,474 and for the ordinary prize is 1 in 10.3. So, if you are questioning which UK Lottery has the best odds, obviously, Lotto gives you higher chances than EuroMillions. However, they are still lower than those of other lotteries.

Which UK Lottery Has the Best Odds – at Thunderball Your Winning Chances Are Higher Than Ever

Among the lottery in the UK, Thunderball is receiving increasing attention. At this lottery, you need to match five numbers and the Thunderball to get the main trophy. The players need to pick 5 numbers from 1-39 and one Thunderball from 1-14 range. And the draw is taking place five times a week.

Compared to other lotteries, however, Thunderball does not offer jackpots. Alternatively, if you match all numbers and Thunderball, you are guaranteed to get £500,000.

Since the number range is lower than that of other lotteries, your chances to win at Thunderball are higher. Odds to win at least something make up 1 in 13. And the odds to get the main prize is 1 in 8,060,598.

Lottery That Aims to Raise Money for Health

Another lottery that instantly comes to the mind when thinking which UK lottery has the best odds is – Health Lottery. In, the Health Lottery is not a national lottery but it still very popular in the UK. This lottery seeks to raise the money for good measures for health-related issues in the UK.

which UK lottery has the best odds
Let’s do some math!

Draws happen five times a week. The main prize is computed from 10% of all the sales of tickets which is up to £100,000. Your odds to get any prize are one in 108. And the odds for the big prize are one in 2 million. Therefore, it is one of the best lotteries if your aim is a big prize. Nevertheless, you should always remember that jackpot is reliant on the number of people playing.

A New Lottery – Set for Life

Set for Life is relatively new to the lottery. With this game, you have chances to win £10,000 a month for the forthcoming 30 years.

Though it’s new, “Set for Life” is still one of the answers to the question which UK lottery has the best odds.

Compared to Lotto or EuroMillions, this lottery does not roll over even if no one wins the prize. So, we can see why there have been some complaints about it. Nevertheless, the answer to these complaints was “it’s a lottery”. Well, we can’t deny the fact.

Overall, the odds to win are one in 15,339,390. That is still three times higher possibility to win the Lotto.

Postcode Lottery as One of the Answers to Which UK Lottery Has the Best Odds

And the last lottery we will talk about is the Postcode Lottery. The lottery comes from the Netherlands. It was released in 1989 and then reached the UK in 2005. Later, the lottery extended to the whole country. As you might suggest from its name the concept of this lottery is related to postcodes. You just need to pick a postcode for every draw out of ten draws a month.

Eventually, any player within the picked postcode gets the prize. Surely, every player must sign up for the lottery.

The Postcode Lottery offers 10% of the draws up to £400,000 as the main prize. And the odds to win this main prize stand at one in 1,080,000.

Now you know which UK lottery has the best odds to win. All of these lotteries are available at many online gambling sites in the UK. Check gambling sites to claim more online gambling promotions in the UK and win the prizes!

You can discover more about TheLotter here.

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