Who are the possible contenders for new Labour leader?

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Betting on the next Labour Leader is one of the most popular ways to bet on politics in the UK. With Jeremy Corbyn under pressure, who are the contenders for new Labour leader?

It’s hard to keep up with UK politics, after the surprise Brexit result. The failure of betting markets to predict the result correctly made UK gambling news, but of course that hasn’t stopped lots of other political betting popping up. Among the many consequences of Britain’s vote to leave the EU is that Labour MPs have decided to mount a coup against their leader. With the Conservatives set to elect a new leader, and a new general election likely soon, many in the party want Corbyn to resign soon. He’s held firm so far, but his position looks incredibly weak. We list the contenders for new Labour leader if he doesn’t survive:

Tom Watson: 7/2 @ Bet365

Watson is the deputy leader of the party, whose responsibility it has been to keep Labour together. He’s obviously had a tricky job to do, and some may think he could’ve done more to support Corbyn. He’s not the most charismatic, though he does have a good record of campaigning on issues that matter to people. He’s favourite due to the possibility that he may be seen as a good temporary caretaker in the short term. He was selected as deputy leader thanks to public vote, so clearly has support amongst the party membership.

Dan Jarvis: 6/1 @ Bet365

The Barnsley MP was favourite last year, but he surprised everyone by deciding not to stand. He’s a charismatic former soldier, and is seen as somebody who could make the party electable. His powerful story of serving in Afghanistan and Iraq, and raising his children after the death of his first wife, is seen as something that could connect with ordinary voters.

Jarvis Labour leader

The former soldier could make a great next labour leader (photo:

Lisa Nandy: 7/1 @ Bet365

Nandy is on the left-wing of the party, and could continue some of Corbyn’s legacy. She’s young and of mixed race, and knows how to make a great speech. She speaks for kind of working class people who voted to Leave. However, she recently became a mother and is only 36. With a bright future likely, she might not fancy taking over Labour quite yet.

Hillary Benn: 6/1 @ Bet365

In 1988, Jeremy Corbyn led a backbench coup hoping to replace then-leader Neil Kinnock with Tony Benn, the veteran left-winger. That failed, and twenty-eight years later Tony Benn’s son Hillary has been trying to force Corbyn out of office. He was sacked from his shadow cabinet role at the weekend, and has become something of a leader for the rebel cause. His 2015 speech supporting military intervention in Syria was hailed as powerful and persuasive, but overall it’s doubtful that he is a major enough figure to bring the Labour Party back to power.

David Miliband: 9/1 @ Bet365

While Labour MPs may not be happy with their present, it would be a surprise if the party were to go back to its past. David Miliband lost out to his brother in 2010, having been seen as the true successor to Tony Blair. It’s doubtful that the party would vote in a Blairite with the same name as the leader who lost their last election.

Dave Miliband labour leader

Could Dave Miliband be the UK’s next labour leader? (photo:

John McDonnell: 10/1 @ Bet365

McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, could be the “Corbyn candidate”. He is similarly of the left of the party, and is generally thought to have enhanced his reputation in the past year. While many MPs might not be pleased, he would likely receive at least some of Corbyn’s support. Online sportsbooks have his as sixth favourite, which is surprising when Corbyn won so easily last time.

Chuka Umunna: 14/1 @ Bet365

Smooth talking Umunna was seen as a favourite last year, but didn’t run. He could have a chance this year, although it’d be surprising if the party membership shifted so far to the right. He’s still young, and could decide to bide his time. Not one of the top contenders for new Labour leader.

Yvette Cooper: 33/1 @ Bet365

While Cooper lost out in the last leadership contest, she has performed admirably on the back benches, and for many centrists has often provided more opposition than Corbyn. After the current leadership’s inexperience, she might attract support due to her reputation for competence.

Cooper labour leader

Cooper is a big underdog to win the election (photo: Huff Post)

Alan Johnson: 33/1 @ Bet365

While he was unsuccessful as leader of Labour’s campaign to Remain in the EU, he is a senior figure in the party who could appeal to diverse groups. He has a public stature that would be very useful if there was an immediate election to face. The former postman has governmental experience, and a friendly manner; if he could be persuaded to run his price at UK Sportsbooks could be proved to be rather too high.

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