Why Bet on Wrestling?


Posted: January 3, 2020

Updated: January 13, 2020

  • Every aspect is scripted down to the last detail
  • Wrestlers need to practice together
  • The referee is the "prompter" enforcing the script


Why bet on wrestling? You don’t have to listen to online sports book news to know that WWE wrestling is a scripted sport. That’s right, the outcome has already been decided before the match begins. It’s just a massive show with all that American pizazz we have come to expect from such ventures. And it’s all run by one guy, Vince McMahon. Kudos.

Why Bet On Wrestling: Read The Script

Vince McMahon employs a team of writers who will decide who wins each match. They then work backwards, using the victory as the starting point. Each match is like a story. Just like a TV afternoon soap opera, there are certain beats that each wrestler might need to showcase (think of John Cena and his two shoulder tackles, then the slam into the five knuckle shuffle). The writers inject drama, pathos, altercations, tantrums or any needed element that’ll bring in ticket sales or generate publicity. Each match has a producer and/or booking agent who makes sure that the wrestlers have received their scripts and know their lines.

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Why bet on wrestling?   WWE RAW                                 Photo: Miguel Discart

Ballet For Big Boys

The matches themselves are highly choreographed and the wrestlers work together like a well paired dance couple. They learn each other’s set moves (called “spots”) so that they’re able to predict a move to the point that it all looks absolutely natural. Wrestlers who are unfamiliar with new partners, will spend a lot of time practicing together to obtain that smooth and realistic flow. And yes, in spite of all of this, there are sports books like Bovada that allow betting on wrestling. You might as well bet on thumb wrestling.

In Ring Tele-Prompter

Now in the theater, if an actor has forgotten their line, just off in the wings there’s a prompter to quietly remind them. Well, wrestling is no different. But the job falls to the “referee”. That’s right, he’s the prompter and controls the “flow” of the match. When ever he’s close to any of the participants, he’s actually reminding them of the script. There is some room for the wrestlers to improvise, but the out come should go as previously planned.

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Why bet on wrestling?  WWE RAW                       Photo: Miguel Discart

Make Small Bets For The Fun Of It

So, knowing the outcome is already predetermined, how on earth can sports books like Bovada, accept paying bets? And why would anyone bet on wrestling? Well, they do. But with the caveat that they will only accept small wagers. Online sports book news from the US, says that this is in case the “script” has been leaked to the public before an event. After all, they don’t want to be the losing party here. This is gonna sound nuts, but there is an actual betting strategy you can put to use. This has nothing to do with the wrestlers. They might as well be wrestling in Jello. And everything to do with the script writers. Like a horse has “previous form”, well, the same goes for the writers. Who have they favored in the past? How have they treated certain wrestlers? Your job is to try and spot any trends here. Writers are human, and so prone to repetition.

Can You Make Money Betting on Wrestling?

Keep in mind that some sports books will offer odds on all pay-per-view events. These will include events such as, Summer Slam, Survivor Series, Royal Rumble and Wrestling Mania. Because the result is already known, sports books will limit their exposure by only allowing small bets. Normally less than $100 per bet. This is to stop someone with insider information being able to game the system with a huge bet. The best bets to make where you have a better chance of making some cash, is to look for matches with an underdog at, say, +250. Such odds are normally the result of the bookmakers having no knowledge of the wrestler.

Another Method Betting on Wrestling

This involves picking a winner during a fatal four-way, a battle royal, a triple threat or a royal rumble. Normally during the lead up to these main events, the participating wrestlers will be plus money. But however you choose to bet on wrestling, remember that there is a huge difference between betting on entertainment compared with sports betting. It goes without saying, that betting on wrestling is never going to make you serious bank. Have a flutter and enjoy the match. Now all scream after me: “Joooohhhnnnnn Ceeeeeennnnnaaaaaa!!”


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