Why Do People Enjoy Football Matches?


Posted: March 20, 2020

Updated: March 20, 2020

  • Football is accessible to everyone.
  • It's a great was to expand your abilities.
  • Football is an instrument to share emotions.

I was about seven years old when I went to a football match with my father. It was a small game in a small village in Hungary. If you hear football Hungary is not the first thing that is coming to your mind and it’s totally fine. Since that match, I always ask myself the question: Why do people enjoy football matches so much?

If you are not a big football fan but peer pressure is pushing you into watching games, you can make it more interesting with making small bets on the teams. Online sportsbooks in the UK, are giving you a great opportunity to do it with comfort and safety. However, let’s examine the reasons why people love football so much.

Football is a game that everyone can play

Football has a great history. While today’s complicated rules are just formulated in the latest centuries, the ball game dates back long ago in history. It is due to its simplicity. Humans are able to make a ball for a long time using animal skins. However, even without a proper ball, you can find something to kick around and run after it.

enjoy football
Everyone played football at some point in their life!

While it is easy to play football it is hard to win. That’s where the challenge comes in. You don’t need just two teams and a ball and the rules are simple. This is where competition can start. Surpassing the other team is important indeed, but developing yourself is also a rewarding challenge.

People enjoy football matches for the team experience

Team sports are the most beautiful of all. Training and working together with your team is a great task. While there is a big emphasis on interpersonal connections and how you treat your teammates to have the best performance, you are also sharing the game’s ups and downs, the tears, and the glory.

Team experience as a spectator

Team experience doesn’t stop at playing football, this is one of the reasons why people enjoy football matches so much. Watching professionals playing is on the first hand exciting. It is exciting to see people with great skills pushing their limits. But things don’t stop here. Watching the team of your home town or watching your national team playing is the bigger part of this question. As you do this you feel a kind of unity with the players.

Football fans are always saying things like: We won the match or We were playing great. They are feeling united with their teams. On many occasions, this feeling is multiplied by the feeling of patriotism. Also, they are feeling unity with fellow fans. We have to add that people like to belong somewhere. Being a football fan you can have the feeling that you have a place in a group. On bet365 you can find your favorite team and make bets on their games.

People enjoy football matches for goal joy

We were writing about goal joy and how different players are celebrating it a while ago. Maybe it is true that people are not only playing a game to win but for the progress, however, winning is always a great feeling. In football, during an attack, the excitement builds up. Once the ball is hitting the net all the excitement that was building up is exploding all at once.

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