Why to Gamble on Shares When You Can Invest in Lego?


Posted: August 28, 2015

Updated: October 6, 2017

Spending your money on Lego could be a very beneficial hobby if you do it the right way – and if you don’t ever open the box!

Anyone who plays at internet casinos might have heard of interesting investment tactics. You can store your money in holiday resorts, you can put together an

Invest in Lego is better than buying gold
Never open the box!
Collect limited editions!

impressive wine cellar and stuff it with expansive bottles of wine or you can invest in Lego. Gambling news report that the latter strategy seems to be not just lucrative but safe as well. As long as you do not open the original boxes and protect them from sunshine and humidity. And from your children. You should store your Lego boxes in a safe actually.

Forget to think about Lego as a toy!

Children playing with Lego

That kid is sitting on a fortune there

Savers who invested in Lego were able to enjoy a better return in the last 15 years than those who converted their money to shares, gold or stored in a bank account, according to a Telegraph study. A panic affecting the stock markets of the world could easily cause the money you made disappearing in minutes. On last Friday many shareholders lost all the cash they made this year. There are some shares that worth exactly the same they were sold for 15 years ago.

Meanwhile Lego prices continue to grow. The prices of Lego sets went up by an average 12 percent every year since 2000. It is important to note that prices of specific sets boom on the secondary market right after their production was stopped. If you plan to invest in Lego, you should start to collect the new sets. Anyone who bet on sports in the EU might realize that last year’s issues worth 35% more now, after checking the prices at internet marketplaces.

Lego is better than gold

Denmark Lego Factory warehouse

More value than in Fort Knox? The Lego factory warehouse in Denmark

According to the study, the return on Lego is more favourable than in any other popular form of investment. Price of gold has risen by 9.6% on average per annum in the last 15 years. Savings accounts contributed an average 2-3% gain yearly in that period. However, your ordinary Christmas present from 1999 might worth several thousand dollars now.

The most valuable Lego sets are usually those that are centered on movie franchises like Star Wars. Famous sights and brands are also beneficial when it is about Lego, like Taj Mahal and the Volkswagen Beetle. It doesn’t mean that it would be a waste to invest in Lego clichés either like the police stations. You can make a lot of money on those kinds of sets as well.

The biggest hit for Lego investors is the Café Corner hotel. The set was issued in 2007 and went for GBP 89.99. Its value boomed after the set went out of production. Now it’s worth more than GBP 2,000. But you can get that amount of money for the set only if you have it in the original box, still sealed and the package is in perfect condition. If you opened the box and built up the set just once, you can’t sell it for this dream price. However, used Lego could be also valuable for mobile betting players, as it will go for significantly more than it was bought for.

How to invest in Lego?

Trading floor from Lego

When trading Lego, you should always buy-buy-buy!

The founder of BrickPicker, Ed Maciorowski gave some tips for anyone, who plans to invest in Lego. If you cannot resist to open and to build a Lego set, buy two of those! You can use one set while you won’t lose the big money either that the sealed box will provide you after decades. Look for limited editions and seasonal sets! Those ones will make you the most money. Rarities are the most valuable sets, like in any other field.

Buy Lego sets issued after 1999! Apart from some special sets, the older stuffs are usually not that worthy. Lego investment is a relatively new fashion, and it is partially because the past Lego sets weren’t as interesting as those that were released after the Millenium. Store the boxes in a safe, dry and dark place! The better the condition of the package, the more money the set will go for.

Keep boxes like books! Don’t pack boxes on each other, because that can damage the boxes which might hurt their value. Size is not a factor. Small sets could be equally beneficial to large ones. And note that mini figures can make a lot of money!

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